Zeeman launches collection of designer sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are beautiful, but often come with a hefty price tag. Zeeman wondered if there was no other way. This resulted in a line of designer sunglasses of premium quality for a low price.

Own collection of designer sunglasses

How much do you pay on average for sunglasses from a large fashion house? You will soon be a few hundred euros lighter for that. Zeeman is very surprised about this price tag. That is why the budget chain is now launching its own collection of designer sunglasses. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets for these sunglasses, because the chain discovered that premium glasses don’t have to cost that much if you keep it simple.

About the glasses

The Zeeman sunglasses collection consists of two lines that are both from scratch are designed. Zeeman also took the design process very seriously. A renowned eyewear designer was involved in the process and designed the eyewear by hand, and the sunglasses are made from premium materials in a factory that also manufactures many other premium sunglasses. We have to say, that sounds good!

To prevent the costs for premium sunglasses from becoming very high, Zeeman bought the sunglasses in large numbers and the glasses are delivered without a luxury glasses case. There is also only a small margin for Zeeman, so that the premium sunglasses from Zeeman can be obtained for € 24.99.

The lines

The collection consists of two lines: the ClassicZ and the SpecialZ. The glasses from the ClassicZ line are inspired by the basic shapes of classic eyeglass frames, making them timeless and suitable for most people. This line consists of five different designs.

The SpecialZ lives up to its name: this line has three striking designs in which the Zeeman colors come back. In contrast to the ClassicZs’ – of which many copies are available – this line is a bit more exclusive.

The premium sunglasses will be available from May 24 at 9 a.m. You can shop the ClassicZs for €24.99 in the Zeeman stores and the webshops and the SpecialZ is only available online for €49.99.

Source: Zeeman | Opening image: NL Image/BrunoPress | Image: Sailor

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