You have to be that fit and strong to join the Dutch police

To become a cop you have to be fit, both mentally and physically. What does the sports test of the Dutch police actually consist of?

Do you dream of working for the police? Then start training already, because before you can even start the selection process, a sports test is waiting for you. rest assured, you don’t need to be able to push up as often as you do with the Marine Corps.

The sports test of the Dutch police

The test you have to take is the same for everyone. This test not only looks at how fit you are, but also looks at your stamina, strength, skill in movement and explosiveness.

You have to be able to run that fast to be allowed to join the Ministry of Defence

You will not be thrown in at the deep end during this sports test: online you can already see exactly what this test entails and what is expected of you. Think of a combination of running, jumping, climbing and moving objects quickly. Curious what to expect? Here you can watch the video.

On time

You must complete the course in a certain time. After all, it is not the intention that you perform the course at your leisure. The following standard times are used as a guideline.

Of course, women are also allowed to register with the police. They get the same sports test during the application process, but have a little longer time to complete it.

If you pass the sports test, you will undergo a psychological examination to see if you are really ready to join the police force. Did you fail one of the tests? Then the selection process will unfortunately be ended for you. You can try again six months later.

And after the test?

Even after passing the sports test, it is recommended not to spend every evening in front of the television. As an agent, being a bit fit is simply a requirement. This also means that there is a lot of exercise and sport on the program during the training itself.

On their website, the police cite the ‘profit test’ as an example. This tough test takes about an hour and includes rowing, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, full-ups and a 1,600-meter run.

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You have to be that fit and strong to join the Dutch police

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