You can set TikTok sounds as your iPhone ringtone in this way

TikTok is packed with viral tunes that will no doubt stick in your head for weeks. How cool is it that you can also use them as a ringtone or sound for notifications on your iPhone?

Whether you want to set the hilariously well-known screaming goat or a song from a new upcoming artist as your ringtone, it’s all possible. We explain how you can download different sounds from your favorite creators, as long as TikTok remains available on your iPhone, at least…

TikTok sound as a ringtone on your iPhone

First, of course, find the video whose audio you want to use for your ringtone. Press and hold the TikTok video of your choice for a few seconds. Then tap save video.

Then download the Ringtones Maker app from the App Store. You need an iPhone with iOS 11 or later for this. Open the app and click Import from video. Then tap on the file you just saved and choose Make.

Three iOS apps required

In addition to TikTok and Ringtones Maker, you also need the GarageBand app. This requires iOS 16 or newer. This Apple app may already be on your iPhone, but if not, you can easily download it from the App Store. Go back to Ringtones Maker and tap Share. Choose GarageBand here.

Then, within GarageBand, choose Share again and tap Ringtone. If necessary, give the TikTok sound a different name so that you can easily recognize it. Tap Export, wait a few seconds and tap Use sound as. Now choose Default ringtone or Default SMS tone.

Screaming Goat TikTok

In the Institutions from your iPhone you can check whether the TikTok tune is actually set as a ringtone. Go to the section Hear and feel. below ringtone (or below SMS tone) you should now find the sound you just set. Now just wait for your call!

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How to make your favorite TikTok sound your iPhone’s ringtone

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