You can now score this super handy foldable barbecue at HEMA

We had to wait a long time for it, but the weather is slowly getting warmer here in the Netherlands. And, of course, nice weather only means one thing: barbecuing. Unfortunately, most barbecues are really awkwardly large, but HEMA has the perfect solution for this. They now sell a foldable barbecue, how handy is that!

Hema foldable barbecue

Ready for summer

We really can’t wait until it’s summer and we can bake for hours in the sun again. But apart from wanting to catch all the sunbeams this summer, we can of course also enjoy the nice weather in other ways. And as Dutch people we can of course only do that in one way. You guessed it, barbecue.

Foldable BBQ

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a large garden, so it will be difficult with most barbecues. They can sometimes be really awkwardly large and that becomes a real problem if you don’t have that much outdoor space. Fortunately, HEMA has now come up with the perfect solution: a foldable barbecue. And, this is not only useful for on the balcony, but also really ideal to take to the park or beach.

You can of course also choose to buy a smaller barbecue, but then you still have the problem that you have to store it somewhere. Fortunately, HEMA has even thought of that. They have made the barbecue as compact as possible and that is why the barbecue is easy to fold and you can take it with you in a briefcase. How easy is that!

Be quick

Do you also want to score this foldable barbecue at HEMA for this summer? Then be quick, because the barbecue is no longer for sale in many branches. It is clearly a popular product and very honest, we understand the hype also. Fortunately, this handy barbecue is still in stock online! So order one quickly and before you know it you’ll be barbecuing in the sun with your new addition!

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