You can do these yoga poses together with your baby

Between breastfeeding, sleep deprivation and washing towers, you have just a few minutes to work on yourself. To get some exercise and still keep an eye on your baby, there is a way to combine the two. Yoga postures for you and your baby are the solution!

Not only is yoga with your baby useful and fun, it is also good for the crucial contact between a mother and her baby. Pull out your sportswear and get started together.

You can try these yoga poses with your baby

It’s so much fun together, isn’t it?

1. Tabletop Pose

This yoga posture is easy to do with your baby and provides a full body stretch. Get on your hands and knees and place your baby lengthwise underneath you. Make sure you can look at him. Extend your right hand forward and your left leg back. Look from your baby forward and back again. You can also talk to him. For example, say “Hello” when you look at him again. That ultimately helps in his development.

2. Downward Dog

Position your baby so that when you lower your head, you are on the same level as his face. Get into Downward Dog and make it even harder by lowering your elbows to the floor while keeping your legs straight. When you are near your baby’s face, you can give him a kiss.

3. Boat pose / Navasana

Hold your baby on your lap and lift your toes slightly off the floor. Try to hold the yoga pose for a few seconds before releasing. You can repeat this a number of times. This exercise strengthens your abdomen and back. You can also try rolling back and forth on your back, which will give your baby a nice rocking feeling.

4. The bridge

Hold your baby in your lap, roll onto your back, push your feet against the floor and use your arms for support. Push your hips into the air as high as you can, then slowly lower them back down. Do this a few times in a row. This strengthens the legs and abdomen and is good for skin-to-skin contact with your baby.

4 simple ways to practice yoga during the busy mother life

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You can do these yoga poses with your baby

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