World Active is already sharing a manifesto in the run-up to the FIBO

World Active’s third public statement

March 28, 2023
WorldActive, formerly the World Active Forum, is a global platform and future federation uniting the fitness and physical activity industry worldwide. First launched in June 2022, the World Active brings together stakeholders from all continents to debate the industry’s common opportunities and challenges, speak with a united voice and promote health and wellness globally through collaboration and innovation.

World Active is expected to act as a transparent and inclusive representative body to exchange best practices, enhance collaboration with international institutions, such as the World Health Organization, and discuss the latest dynamics and trends in and around the industry. World Active will facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge among all its stakeholders.

One of the most significant achievements since World Active’s second public statement in the fall is World Active’s new logo, which better illustrates the unity and inclusiveness of the industry. World Active’s Charter and Manifesto, which set out its core values, principles, decision-making processes and objectives, have been prepared for formal amendment at World Active’s first General Assembly on April 13 in Cologne. These two founding documents are intended to serve as the formal framework for World Active as the global representative body evolves into a formalized industry federation. The Charter is a funding document that defines the scope, structure and governance of World Active, and the Manifesto sets out World Active’s key strategic priorities, objectives and actions by 2030.

After almost a year of preparatory work, the joint efforts of various working groups will culminate at the World Active Summit from 13 – 14 April in Cologne. The first physical World Active gathering of representatives from more than 40 global trade associations and professional registries will take place at FIBO Global Fitness in Cologne, the leading industry meeting for the global fitness and physical activity industry. The World Active Summit will be a unique opportunity for key industry stakeholders around the world to exchange best practices, network and learn from each other. World Active working group chairs will also present their work since summer 2022, as well as short- and long-term plans for their respective focus areas.

The first World Active Summit, April 13-14 in Cologne, will begin with the first General Assembly, where World Active members will elect leaders for the coming year. Fiona Bull, Head of the World Health Organization’s Physical Activity Unit, opens the session with her insights on the global status of physical activity and health. The event will conclude with a press conference.

The second day of the World Active Summit will feature key industry leaders and pioneers, e.g. Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym, Steven Ward, Chief Transformation Officer of GO fit and former CEO of ukactive, and Philip Mills, Founder and Executive Director of Les Mills, present their ideas and vision for the future of World Active and the industry. This will be a unique opportunity to meet brilliant minds and influential industry actors such as Emma Barry, Paolo Caserotti, Liz Terry, Peter Croft, Grace McNamara, Bryan O’Rourke and Jennifer Halsall-de Wit. The keynote speakers are followed by thematic sessions, presenting best practices and innovations from around the world. The World Active Summit will be a unique opportunity for the fitness and physical activity industry to come together, share ideas and shape the future of the industry.

As part of its open door policy, World Active invites all stakeholders who share its mission and vision to join its unifying global movement for the fitness and physical activity industry. By working together around the world, the fitness and exercise industry can overcome its challenges, pursue its opportunities effectively, and unleash its full potential as a community health and wellness provider. Based on the motto ‘more people, more active, more often’, World Active members are committed to a physically active, healthier world through their new global representative body.

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