Wilfred Genee pretends to cry: ‘We almost fought’

Wilfred Genee reacts cynically to Marcel van Roosmalen’s statements about their quarrel. On Monday, Van Roosmalen told in his podcast that Genee lashed out at him in the past after a broadcast of Inside today; On Friday there was a tense atmosphere in the broadcast when Van Roosmalen was a guest.

Genee responded on camera Show news and pretended to be emotional, only to make up how it actually would have gone. “I was given a small part indeed, yes. Intense, isn’t it… Yes, I can now get as angry as last week, but maybe I shouldn’t do that. He might have been better off telling the whole story, that was still a lot worse. We almost fought, at one point Marcel fell to the ground, started crying and shouted: “Gijs, come and help me! Everyone has their own experience. Grown people, what are we doing Gene said in a more serious tone.

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Next summer, Van Roosmalen and writer Gijs Groenteman will create a talk show on the time slot of Today Inside. Recently Groenteman was jokingly referred to as ‘Vegetable farmer’ by Dag Inside table guest Özcan Akyol and Van Roosmalen then privately informed presenter Wilfred Genee that he did not really appreciate that joke. Van der Gijp responded to that on Friday, by stating that Van Roosmalen and Groenteman should not complain; after all, they regularly poke fun at others as well.

“Yes, Greengrocer, it’s not that I’m slapping myself on the thigh with laughter, but I’m not the greatest humorist in this country either,” responds Johan Derksen. Van der Gijp admits that he was ‘a bit annoyed’. “That hardly ever happens to me, but it does now.”

You can read the full explanation by Marcel van Roosmalen this article.

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