‘Why isn’t the House told anything?’

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Will Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kaag participate as individuals or as ministers in the Bilderberg conference in Lisbon? Why are they reimbursed for travel costs if they travel as an individual? And why does the House not hear anything if they participate as minister? Member of Parliament Pepijn van Houwelingen (FVD) has put these questions to the government.

The annual Bilderberg conference was held in Lisbon from May 18 to 21. Rutte and D66 leader Kaag, among others, were present. Artificial intelligence, the banking system, Europe, NATO, Russia, Ukraine and transnational threats were discussed.

Other members

The mainstream media remained remarkably quiet about the conference. Van Houwelingen wants to know from Rutte and Kaag whether other members of the government were also present at the Bilderberg conference.

He would also like to receive the invitation sent to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for the conference.


“Is it correct that the members of the cabinet are invited by the organizers of this conference in an ‘individual capacity’, not in their capacity as a member of the cabinet or government?” asks the MP.

Van Houwelingen also asks for a summary of the positions that were put forward by Rutte and Kaag on behalf of the Netherlands during the Bilderberg conference.

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