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During a project about the dentist, you may certainly be looking for dentist games to practice in a playful way. Who is it is a game that you can bet and this edition I made a dentist variant. Because who exactly is in the dentist’s chair?

You can learn to communicate with this dentist games

You learn to communicate by talking a lot and because others communicate back. By asking questions or describing an object or person you stimulate vocabulary and practice your skills.

This is how you play these dentist games

There are two variants available and you can find both in the download below. In the first variant you try to discover who is in the dental chair. In the second variant, he carries out a check and still finds food remains. What did that person eat? That’s what you’re trying to find out!


You need the download:

Print and laminate this download. cut the left and right side and top of all squares loose. Now fold the cards forward. Cut out all the cards from the next page so that a card can be grabbed.

–> Have you seen the previous editions: festive edition and Easter edition.


These dentist games focus on practicing communication: asking questions and describing.

Activity 1: Child 1 grabs a card. He describes what he sees and the other folds away the cards on the game board if the description does not fit.

Activity 2: Child 1 grabs a card. Child 2 asks questions to discover what is on child 1’s card. He may only ask closed questions.

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