Which is healthier? Wasa crackers or Cracottes?

A cracker is a light breakfast or a tasty snack. Better than a handful of chips. However, there is also a lot of difference in the composition of crackers. Especially if you put the two most popular brands side by side: Wasa and (Liga) Cracotte, they don’t look alike at all. And then you also have all kinds of variations per brand.

Crackers from Wasa are not actually called crackers, but Knäckebröd. The Cracotte crackers are also not called crackers but cracottes. However, most people simply see these two types as crackers.

In this article we discuss which crackers of these two brands are the best choice. We do this based on the following factors:

  • Calories
  • Fibres
  • Kind of flour
  • Sugar
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Salty

So the choice may be very personal. If you want to lose weight, the calories can be very important. If you follow a low-carbohydrate diet, you pay particular attention to the amount of carbohydrates. If you care about your health and just want to eat the healthiest cracker, it can be a bit more difficult to judge that at a glance. Which cracker is the most nutrition and which is more filling? We will answer that at the end of the article.

Wasa or Cracottes?  Which cracker is the healthiest?

Calories in Wasa crackers and Liga Cracottes

As mentioned, there are all kinds of variations of Wasa crackers and Cracottes. We discuss the main variations. Please note, we pass on the number of kcal per cracker! That immediately gives an idea of ​​how many calories you consume if you eat one cracker, without toppings.

Brand Calories per cracker!
Liga Cracotte natural 29
Liga Cracotte whole wheat 28
Liga Cracotte 5 grains 27
Wash golden brown 52
Wash whole wheat 43
Was a fiber rich 33
Was lightweight 32
Wasa gluten free 53

One cracotte (all variations) has a weight of 7.35 grams.
Wasa golden brown and Wasa gluten free weighs 13.5 grams per cracker.
Wasa whole wheat weighs about 13 grams.
Wasa high fiber weighs about 10 grams.
Wasa lightweight 9.5 grams.

If you only look at calories, the Liga Cracottes contain the least number of calories. But the weight per cracker is of course also much less. Be sure to read on too!

Fibers in Wasa crackers and Liga Cracottes

Brand Fiber per cracker!
Liga Cracotte natural 0.2 gr
Liga Cracotte whole wheat 0.4 gr
Liga Cracotte 5 grains 0.3 gr
Wash golden brown 1.2 gr
Wash whole wheat 2.6 gr
Was a fiber rich 2.6 gr
Was lightweight 2.1 gr
Wasa gluten free 1 gr

Fibers are extremely important for your intestines. You must feed a good and healthy intestinal flora with sufficient and varied fibers every day. Even if you want to lose weight, it is important to get enough fiber. It is recommended to eat about 30-40 grams of fiber per day. It is important to also get this from fruit and vegetables. If you look above, it is better to choose Wasa wholemeal or high-fiber crackers instead of Cracottes.

Carbohydrates in Wasa crackers and Liga Cracottes

Brand Carbs per cracker!
Liga Cracotte natural 5.8 gr
Liga Cracotte whole wheat 5.5 gr
Liga Cracotte 5 grains 5.2 gr
Wash golden brown 8.7 gr
Wash whole wheat 7.5 gr
Was a fiber rich 4.6 gr
Was lightweight 5.5 gr
Wasa gluten free 9.8 gr

If you want to eat less carbohydrates, choose Wasa rich in fiber. Surprisingly this is better than Wasa lightweight. Also surprising that the Cracottes, which weigh almost half as much, still contain quite a lot of carbohydrates.

Sugar in Wasa crackers and Liga Cracottes

A small amount of sugar can be mentioned per Wasa cracker type, but this cannot be found in the ingredients. Except for the gluten-free crackers from Wasa and Wasa golden brown. They do contain sugar.

The Liga Cracottes all contain sugar as an ingredient. The 5 grain variant the least.

Flour in Wasa crackers and Liga Cracottes

Brand Basic flour
Liga Cracotte natural wheat flour
Liga Cracotte whole wheat whole wheat flour and wheat flour
Liga Cracotte 5 grains wheat flour and wholemeal oatmeal
Wash golden brown wheat flour
Wash whole wheat whole grain rye flour
Was a fiber rich rye flour, wheat bran and oat flakes
Was lightweight whole grain rye flour
Wasa gluten free potato starch, amaranth flour

Wheat flour contains a number of good nutrients. Such as vitamin B1, B6, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and zinc. Rye flour in particular contains vitamins B1, B3 and E and sodium, iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium and copper.

Proteins in Wasa crackers and Liga Cracottes

Brand Protein per cracker!
Liga Cracotte natural 0.8 gr
Liga Cracotte whole wheat 0.8 gr
Liga Cracotte 5 grains 0.8 gr
Wash golden brown 0.5 gr
Wash whole wheat 1.3 gr
Was a fiber rich 1.3 gr
Was lightweight 1.1 gr
Wasa gluten free 0.5 gr

Many people have trouble getting enough protein in a day. Because your body does not get enough protein, it keeps asking for more food. Proteins are essential for our health. For example for the muscles, but also for our immune system and they help with countless processes in our body.

Salt in Wasa crackers and Liga Cracottes

Brand Salt per cracker!
Liga Cracotte natural 0.12 gr
Liga Cracotte whole wheat 0.12 gr
Liga Cracotte 5 grains 0.12 gr
Wash golden brown 0.16 gr
Wash whole wheat 0.16 gr
Was a fiber rich 0.11 gr
Was lightweight 0.1 gr
Wasa gluten free 0.15 gr

Which crackers are the healthiest? Wasa or Cracotte?

One thing is immediately clear. If you don’t necessarily have to eat gluten-free, avoid the gluten-free (and lactose-free) Wasa crackers. Such a gluten-free cracker is mainly filling. If you really have to eat gluten-free, for example because you have celiac disease, invest the cracker with good nutrients. Think of a slice of cheese with tomato, cucumber, lettuce and bean sprouts, for example. Or with avocado and egg.

What do we think is the best and healthiest choice when it comes to crackers?

If you go to the store for crackers now, we would advise Wasa whole wheat as the healthiest choice.
Why? Wasa wholemeal crackers contain just as much fiber as the fiber-rich crackers. The crackers also have few additives. It is made from wholemeal rye flour, yeast and salt. That is it.

If you think about your calorie and carbohydrate intake and you want to eat a healthy cracker, you can choose Wasa high in fiber. I know that many dietitians recommend Wasa’s Lightweight cracker, but it is actually better to choose the high-fiber version.

Cracottes are delicious, but have much less nutritional value. In addition, all cracottes contain sugar and palm oil.

Ultimately, of course, the investment is also important. Do you put chocolate spread on it, or a boiled egg? The topping makes a certain meal really healthy, or not at all.

Of course there are many more brands than Wasa and Cracotte, but because they are the most sold, we wanted to make a comparison between the two. Using the data above, you also have comparison material when you look at the label of other types of crackers.

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