When do you take a pill too many? Drug addiction and the taboo!

When do you take one pill too many - Drug addiction and the taboo

Addictions to alcohol and drugs are much discussed, although of course there is still a taboo about it. But an addiction that is much less known about – but can be at least as drastic – is the addiction to medicines. The tricky thing about this is that it often starts very innocently (and as a medicine) and also increases very gradually. In addition, these are basically products that are not prohibited at all, and are often even legally prescribed by a doctor. When a drug addiction really becomes an addiction and how do you deal with it? Read on quick.

A bit too much

In fact, when you ask whether you suffer from a drug addiction, you can quickly draw an objective line, namely whether you exceed the recommended daily amount. This is stated objectively on most medicines. If this is the case, then it may also be time to start worrying. But there are more signals, even if you do not exceed this dose, that you should be alert to. An example of this is that you look forward to taking your medication every day, and/or that you no longer have the underlying complaints, but are still taking the medication. An example is the use of Ritalin for ADHD complaints. Is it still really necessary? Or can you also handle life without medication? These are very confronting questions, but questions that it is good to ask yourself on a periodic basis.

What to do with a drug addiction?

Have you come to the conclusion that your medication use is higher than that? Then it is of course time for action. Never underestimate an addiction to drugs, because it can be very violent and intense. Admission to rehab is therefore not at all strange when it comes to addiction to medicines, fortunately this is also becoming more common. This also applies to this addiction; the sooner you get there, the sooner they will be over. Immediate admission to a rehab clinic can often be done very quickly, so that a process does not have to take very long.

Do you doubt whether or not your medication use still falls within the norms? Then quickly discuss this with the doctor who once prescribed you these medicines. He knows the package insert, but also the underlying problem. This creates an objective picture and he or she can immediately help you to get help in the right place.

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