What size should my garden table have?

Available terrace space


Before you can choose the perfect luxury garden table, mapping out the available patio space is a crucial factor. Are you redoing your garden? Then you can also turn it around and adjust the size of the terrace to the desired shape and size of your garden table.

In addition, the location of the table plays an important role. If you still want to be able to walk around the garden table, you must take into account a walking space of approximately 120 cm. If the table is against a wall, a space of 80cm around is sufficient.

Rectangular garden tables


Rectangular garden tables are definitely a favorite among garden enthusiasts! They combine practicality of use with timeless elegance. For a cozy dinner with 4 people, a table length of 160-220 cm with a width of 80-100 cm is perfect. If you want to fit two extra seats at the ends, keep in mind that legroom can be a bit more limited with the smaller sizes.

For a dinner party for 6 people, a rectangular table of 200-260 cm long and 80-100 cm wide offers the ideal solution. But pay attention to the design of the table. If the legs are not in the corners, it can be difficult to slide three chairs between the legs on the smaller size tables.

For those who would like a rectangular table for 8 people, we recommend a length of 240-300 cm, with a width of 80-110 cm. Do you have a large family or do you regularly receive friends and family? Then a rectangular table for 10 people is perfect! Then choose a length of between 280 and 320 cm. This way you can be sure that there is enough space for all your guests.

Square garden tables


When it comes to the dimensions of your ultimate square table, we have all the answers you need. Is a compact table something for you? Then go for a cozy 2-person table with a size of 70 to 90 cm. Prefer a cozy and intimate atmosphere for 4 people? Then a square table between 90 and 110 cm is an excellent choice!

If you really want to unpack, consider a square table of at least 160 cm for 8 people. Remember that at 160 cm the legroom is limited and it is better to opt for slimmer seats. Our personal favorite is a square table of 225 cm, which makes a stunning impression and at the same time has plenty of room for your legs and sturdy chair legs. With this size you can even fit 12 slim chairs!

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