What is my experience with Cosmeau wax strips?

Wash your laundry in the washing machine sustainably and without parabens. This is a healthy way of washing that is on the rise. By using wax strips in your washing machine you have no packaging, you use a hypoallergenic detergent and you know that there are no plastic particles in it. So many benefits, also for your health!

But of course it is also about the laundry itself. We all undoubtedly want to wash in a healthy way, but what does the laundry look like afterwards? Is it clean? Does it smell good? Does it work easily?

Below I will tell you about my experience with Cosmeau’s wax strips. Of course I share the pros and cons, as you are used to from me.

My experience with Cosmeau wax strips

Cosmeau wax strips

I’ve never washed with wax strips before and when we were asked if we wanted to try this out, I was immediately interested. I only had to read a little bit about the Cosmeau wax strips and then I could kick myself. Because how is it possible that I – with my hypersensitive skin and many allergies – have never used wax strips?

Apart from that, we have solar panels, a heat pump, an electric car, but I do get one of those clumsy and large bottles of detergent at home every time. Which is not sustainable at all.

So it was a necessary eye-opener for me that there are other possibilities as well. Wax strips! Before I tell you about my experience, I would first like to share a number of advantages about Cosmeau’s wax strips:

  • Vegan and animal testing free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free & phosphate-free
  • Plastic-free and 100% biodegradable
  • Suitable for hot and cold wash

What is a wax strip?

A wax strip resembles a sheet of paper, but it is slightly softer and thicker. All you have to do is place this sheet (the strip) on and/or under your laundry in the washing machine.

That skin is also gone after washing (dissolved). You have no residual material.

My experience with washing with wax strips (wax strip on wax in washing machine)
It looks like an edited photo, but it’s really a photo of my washing in the washing machine with half a wax strip (the other half wax strip was on the bottom).

Because detergent has been added in a high concentration to the wax strips, such a sheet is enough. You don’t even have to add extra detergent. The wax strips have a tear seam, so you can easily do the strips in half. For example, you can use half a strip for small laundry and maybe one and a half strip for large dirty laundry.

What is my experience with Cosmeau wax strips?

I got the wax strips from Cosmeau in all scents. But a “fragrance” is fragrance-free. Very important for some people who do not tolerate stimuli or fragrances well.

Except for the fragrance-free wax strips, the others smell really great. That made me completely happy. Also a first point of criticism, you can no longer smell the smell in the washed laundry. Of course that says nothing about how clean the laundry is, but I myself am very happy to step into a freshly washed bed that still smells wonderful.

Fortunately, the wax strips also have many advantages, so I like to keep using them now. First, the laundry gets really clean. Below you see an old towel that I used after a spill to set up a wicker basket. The iron wires in the basket had begun to rust. In combination with the leakage (everything was wet), it left a dirty print on the towel.

Remove rust stains with sustainable detergent

You can find countless tips online against rust spots, because these are difficult to remove stains. I therefore did not expect the towel to be clean, but I was curious to what extent the rust stains would be gone. The towel itself was already old and I no longer used it. That is why this is a nice test for the operation of these wax strips.

See the result here:

Do wax strips clean well?

That is much cleaner than I expected. I haven’t pre-processed it or anything. Just hop in the washing machine. I used 1.5 wax strips with this wash. Just with a white laundry (yes I dare ;-)) For the critical reader, the basket with iron wickerwork has been on the towel for over a day and then it took at least two days before I washed the towel. The rust stains were therefore well absorbed.

Cosmeau wax strips, what else did I think of them?

Another advantage is that the laundry is nice and smooth after drying. Better than the brand name detergent I used before. I never actually use fabric softener, but that is partly incorporated in the wax strips.

Another advantage is that you do not need separate wax strips for white or dark laundry. And such a box with wax strips takes up so much less space. Moreover, the room where the washing machine is now always smells wonderful.

Another good test of the wax strips: my husband’s sports shirt.
As a coach, he wears a special shirt that belongs to the team during the match. It is also quite warm in a swimming pool and it is a shirt that does not ventilate very well unfortunately. The consequences are huge haha…. that shirt doesn’t smell nice after an hour of coaching. I have now washed it with the wax strips. The bad smells have gone well. I found it difficult to feel that there was no fresh scent in it. I was also curious what the smell would be when he put the shirt back on. Will it make a difference? Does the shirt stay free of bad odors for longer?

I honestly didn’t expect much from it, but it does seem to smell less bad. Maybe it’s a fluke though. Was it just less warm in the pool? I will continue to use the wax strips, so I will keep a close eye on them in the near future.


If you care about your health and the environment, then you should definitely consider these wax strips from Cosmeau. Especially because it contains no plastic particles (it does in the well-known brands of powder and liquid detergent!), no parabens and it is hypoallergenic.

I think the laundry is perfectly clean, although you may sometimes have to use half a strip extra. That makes it a bit more expensive than regular detergent. It’s just a matter of figuring out what’s convenient for you. The dirtier or the more you wash, the greater the chance that (in my experience) you will not make it with a wax strip.

The boxes with wax strips smell great, but the wax is less so. This is also nice for a large group of people. It does not affect the quality of the wash itself and the washed clothes are even better for your skin.

I am very enthusiastic and will continue to use the wax strips with great pleasure. Do you have questions about my experience? Feel free to post them below. If you have very specific questions about the product, it is better to ask Cosmeau.

Here you will find all information

Buy fragrance-free detergent

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