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What are the best wedding themes?

Are you getting married soon? Then of course it’s time to arrange everything! Another thing you can certainly think about: a theme for the wedding. This ensures that the big day and everything that comes with it forms one beautiful whole. The wedding also suits you and your partner so perfectly. These are the best wedding themes!

Color theme

We kick off with a fairly general theme: put a color (or several colors) at the center of the wedding. This can be a bright color, such as pink or red. Or a cheerful color, think of orange or yellow. Or choose a calm color, for example gray or blue. It just depends on what suits you and your partner best. Maybe you have a clear favorite color! Let this color come back everywhere, including on the wedding card. The cake, flowers and decoration are also perfect to put a color in the center. What a picture!


Do you like a vintage look? Then go for a retro wedding styling! You can even choose to use second-hand items at the organization. From tables to wedding car, from decoration to wedding dress! It can all be found in a vintage jacket. During such a wedding you go back in time, and that makes it even easier to really be in the moment. Don’t forget to prepare for this theme! For example, there are many stylish wedding invitations in a vintage theme. That of course fits perfectly.


The bohemian wedding is popular: nice and loose, relaxed and in a hippie vibe. It makes for one big party, where everyone can be themselves. In terms of decoration, choose lots of flowers, dreamy accessories and soft use of color. It can all be a bit ‘wooden string’. For example, bake the cake(s) yourself or let your guests dine on cushions on the floor.


The beach theme is of course mainly related to the wedding location! True to the beach, as a true lover of the beach and sea. This immediately gives the wedding a romantic and at the same time adventurous edge. You can also bring this theme to the fore in the decoration, for example with shells and colors such as blue and cream. And what about outfits? The clothes can be nice and flowy. And the heels stay in the closet, but flip flops are more than welcome.


In addition to the beach, you can also think of the forest as a location and theme. Wedding between the trees, where the color green is also reflected in the decoration. Maybe a green dress or a green suit is even an idea? The botanical theme makes a wedding free and carefree.

Glitter and glamour

Go all out for an over the top, glitter and glamor wedding! Choose colors such as gold and copper, go for lots of frills in the decoration and don’t forget the confetti. This will be a party you will never forget!


Many people immediately think of summer when they get married. Most people get married during this season. But there’s definitely something to be said for a winter wedding, too. Cozy up inside, with chic outfits, a crackling fire and cozy lighting. This theme is certainly an ideal choice if you are not a fan of summer, but winter is more your season.

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