Week overview | May holiday, walking with a podcast and collision…

Time for a new weekly overview! The second week of the May holiday, so a combination of working mom life, fun outings, tidying up both inside and outside, a podcast tip for walking and press packages! And then I was also hit in the car… Again a lot to tell, the week flew by: read along!


A new week: the second week of the May holidays! The alarm clocks go off early, the children go to daycare and the BSO holiday today. Normally I’m not ready behind my laptop until 08.45 am, today we are nice and early and I open my laptop at 08.00 am. That’s okay, because I have a lot to do today. Due to the disappearance of working days due to Easter Monday, a study day and the extra hours that I can normally take on school days, I feel that I am hugely behind. So first some order in the chaos by updating my schedule and determining what needs to be done today and what can wait. Then I make meters and I manage to – on one to do after – to finish everything I had planned for today. Erik offers to cook, so I can still take my daily walk! Very nice, nice work and therefore time in the evening for the last two episodes of Firefly Lane. Handkerchiefs at the ready!

weekly overview May 2023 Monday - Mama's Girl blogweek overview May 2023 Monday - Mama's Girl blog


It’s May holidays and that means: none school run. The girls have also got a taste for ‘sleeping in’ so we don’t get up until eight. Great to start the day so relaxed! But after that it’s time to get to work, because I want to take care of the wardrobe in our bedroom. Moving the winter clothing to the back and moving the more summer clothing to the front. Well, the sun is showing itself more and more and I finally dare to, shall we say. We have lunch early, because Erik is going swimming with Suus and Niene. I recently scored tickets for a budget price Social Deal and there was also an ice cream in it. I get on my bike with Linn, we are going to take a package to the package point and we immediately cycle for 45 minutes. When we get home, I go back to the closet while Linn talks me off, which is kind of fun, by the way. At the end of the afternoon Erik is also home again and I take my chance to go for a walk. On a roll! After dinner I finish the last things for the wardrobe and when the girls are in bed, I vacuum the ground floor. Then I plop down on the couch. Actually, I was going to spend the last 40 minutes of it Firefly Lane but I Facetime with my dad for almost an hour and a half and then it’s late again. I answer some questions on Instagram and by 11:30 PM it’s time to go to sleep! Another try tomorrow…

Weekly overview May 2023 Tuesday - Mama's Girl blog


Another holiday, another day sleep in. We get up around eight again and start quietly. A fun outing is planned today! Once again scored via Social Deal, because we are going to take a ride on the steam train with a discount. We have already done this in 2021 and since then this outing has changed positively. At the entrance, the children are given a treasure hunt and because the train only leaves in 45 minutes, we have plenty of time to explore the museum and the grounds. Then we drive to Boekelo, where we have about 45 minutes to watch, play with the kids and have a drink. On the way back it’s all a bit less fun because tiredness sets in, but we soon make up for that by getting popsicles at the supermarket. They only eat them in the afternoon, because after lunch Linn first takes an afternoon nap. In the meantime I make the kitchen and living room dust-free and wipe everything down with a wet cloth. Actually, I also need to do the windows on the inside, but I will postpone that until after the May holidays. I sold the buggy via Marktplaats, which is being collected and then I really have to check my mailbox again for Mama’s Girl, because that didn’t work out yesterday either. At the end of the afternoon I take another walk, while enjoying a new one exciting podcast: The Fire In The Mansion. Recommended! After dinner, the kids go to bed early. I finally iron the ironing beads that have been waiting for a week. Then I clean up and do some work for Mama’s Girl. And then really that last episode of Firefly Lane to watch.

Weekly overview May 2023 Wednesday - Mama's Girl blog


Rise and Shine! The alarm goes off early and because it’s still vacation, the girls go to the BSO and daycare again today. I’ll be at the supermarket a little past eight to do some weekend shopping. After loading everything into the car, I drive home: ready to get to work. But that is a bit different, because a cyclist comes from the right and I brake. The car behind me doesn’t notice that and hits me hard on top of me. I was quite shocked and soon we were filling out claim forms and exchanging information. I also called Erik, who is coming to see me because this is the first time I’ve experienced something like this since I got my driver’s license. So the morning is different and at home I’m not really there with my head. First a cup of tea and then I still start the laptop. A super sweet package from thanks has arrived with delicious chocolate. I also type out a blog and send the preview to a client, after which I have a nice lunch with a carpaccio sandwich that Erik bought at De Broodbode. Then I record content for Instagram. Part of it could already be seen in my stories in the afternoon: I received two great outfits from Paprika Fashion! I send the other part to be checked by the client. At the end of the afternoon we have my car checked by our garage. A damage expert must be called in, so we will contact the insurance company. This will be continued next week. Let’s go home first, time catches up with us. Erik picks up the children, I have to finish some things and then I start tidying up. After the girls are in bed, we eat a delicious HelloFresh recipe: baby potatoes dish with minced beef and red pesto. It is already around 8 pm and my girlfriends come over to chat. But of course not without being silent for two minutes because of the commemoration of death. Always nice and cozy and when the ladies are gone, I already prepare some stuff for tomorrow. We go out again, but first sleep: it is already 00.15 am when I go to bed.

weekly overview May 2023 Thursday - Mama's Girl blog


Recently I was allowed to work with PLUS to promote their Day Out savings campaign. Completely in line with Mama’s Girl, because we love outings! Earlier this week I received a notification in the accompanying app that there was a significant discount on the Julianatoren. I had just enough vouchers to buy tickets for the five of us for €13.50 pp. So today we go there, packed and with our bags. We are part of the ‘make your own sandwiches’ team and of course we also bring drinks and snacks. I like to have a bite to eat somewhere, but we certainly don’t always do that. We keep it nice and affordable and there are plenty of picnic spots in De Julianatoren, so great! We start the day with beautiful weather, the girls even without a coat! But by 1 pm I see that a code yellow has been called and when we get into the car at 2.10 pm, it is pouring rain like crazy. Despite the slightly earlier departure, we all enjoyed ourselves and I notice that the children are tired. When we are back home, they relax on the couch under a blanket and watch TV. We eat early today, are all ready for a quiet weekend!

weekly overview May 2023 Friday - Mama's Girl blog


Is it Monday already? The May holiday was fun, but it’s good that it’s almost over again, we notice today. The children are in one mood… In the morning Erik first works on the land, later in the morning we have a birthday. In the meantime we get some fragments of the coronation of King Charles, historical moments haha! At home we have lunch again and then the girls go outside, where they play (and argue). It’s good when the rhythm of school, sports and daycare comes back in on Monday! Later in the afternoon I create content for a collaboration and I already work out a part. In the evening we eat nice and easy fries and after I’ve cleaned things up, I plop down on the couch to make the Sunday Folder tips. In the meantime I watch the summary of the English event on the news. Make a shopping list and don’t go to bed too late.

weekly overview May 2023 Saturday - Mama's Girl blog


The alarm goes off early again today! I put the Foldertips online, get dressed, eat a little Skyr and then go to the supermarket. I’m lucky, because there’s a lot of it Yesterday’s bread: for €3.25 I have 3 whole and half loaves of bread, a bag of currant buns (6 pcs.) and a bag of whole wheat buns (10 pcs.). Makes us happy! Once at home we tidy up the groceries, then the breakfast table and then a quick vacuuming. The children go outside again: rollerblading, stepping and swinging. It’s still dry now so that suits me well: I start up my laptop to work ahead for tomorrow. We are going out tomorrow to look at another car and I don’t know exactly how long that will take, but I do have deadlines. After lunch I continue for another hour and then I throw myself into household chores such as folding the laundry, ironing, cleaning the toilet and getting things started for tomorrow. Then the alarm goes off early again, so I take a shower on time, read something in bed and don’t go to sleep too late. On to a new week!

weekly overview May 2023 Sunday - Mama's Girl blog

How did the May holidays go for you? I’d love to read your response in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram!

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