Wait a minute, is this Alix Earle’s secret boyfriend?

Alix Earle is the TikTok sensation of the moment. Everything she touches turns to gold and her 5.2 million followers hang on her every word. Despite all the fame and attention, Alix remains pretty down-to-earth and humble – including about her dating life. Now fans are on to something, because it looks very much like this one American football player and Alix are dating.

It is not an unknown man who (probably) hooked Alix.

Are Alix Earle And Braxton Berrios Dating?

A fan posted a video last week that made quite a few tongues loose. We see Alix Earle being filmed from a distance. But she’s not alone, she’s got Braxton Berrios by her side. The man who is known from American football and previously had a relationship with Sophia Culpo.


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They both live in Miami, and also shared similar Instagram Stories from the 2023 Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday. Everything indicates that they were together. But there’s more: the athlete was spotted partying with Alix’s roommates at celebrity hotspot E11EVEN on Sunday night – after Alix and her friends graduated from the University of Miami.

Who is Braxton Berrios?

In the US he is a well-known athlete, but here in our little country you probably haven’t heard of him yet. The 27-year-old Braxton Berrios plays in the NFL league with the Miami Dolphins. For the past two years, he had a relationship with Sophia Culpo, Olivia Culpo’s sister. But after two years of dating, the couple ended their relationship in March. So it may well be that Alix hinted at Braxton in the high-profile TikTok in March.

Both Braxton and Alix have been living in Miami for a while. It is not surprising that the two bumped into each other, since they are both in the more famous circles. We are curious to see where this fling will turn out…

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Wait a minute, is this Alix Earle’s secret boyfriend?

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