Viewers of EOTB go wild about this participant

Yesterday it was finally time, the first episode of Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch was shown on Videoland. The first episode starts quite intensely and the participants quickly get along. Maarre, the viewers go wild about one participant.

marc junior
Source: Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch

Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch

After waiting for a while, it’s finally here. We were able to enjoy the first episode of the new season of Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch. In the very first episode, we met the first eight contestants. Of course, the Tablet of Terror went off right away. The singles were sent on dates together.

Earlier, the participants said that this would be the most intense season ever. And we believe that, because at their first party in the villa, things got pretty hot. For example, Marc-Junior and Janey, and Joey and Ellen have already had an adventure under the sheets. Well, of course people have an opinion about that. The same goes for this participant.

Marc Junior

In the first episode, participant Marc-Junior was very present. Fortunately, he is very popular with the ladies in the villa, but unfortunately that is not the case with the viewers. The 20-year-old participant caused a lot of irritation in people. On Twitter they go wild about his behavior. For example, one viewer writes “I watched this… I’ve heard the name Junior a little too often. You don’t give your genitals a name, do you?” Another viewer writes “Oh how not funny these people are. I’m already dying second hand embarrassment by Mark.”

People are especially very surprised that he is you know what name it and ‘talk’ to it. He also mentioned it quite often in the first episode. We are curious about the further adventures of Marc-Junior.

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