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Vietnam is a popular destination among travelers. The country is known for its beautiful nature and rich culture. The people are generally very hospitable. Moreover, the accommodations and food in Vietnam are relatively cheap. All this ensures that the country is a very attractive holiday destination. Are you curious whether a holiday to Vietnam is interesting for you? Or do you wonder what you should take into account when you go on holiday to this beautiful country? Then read on!

Vietnam’s nature

Especially the nature in Vietnam is a good reason to travel to this country. You will find impressive mountains, jungles, beaches, islands and limestone formations. The vast rice fields complete the picture. Because nature in the country is so versatile, a Vietnam tour is an absolute must. If you stay in this country, it is a shame to stay in one place.

Vietnam also has beautiful beaches

Although Vietnam is popular for its beautiful nature, it is also an excellent destination for sun worshippers. The country is located on the South China Sea and has beautiful beaches. For example, the beautiful sandy beach of Nha Trang is a popular destination among beach lovers. Besides the fact that you can relax here on the beach and in the clear blue water, this beach is also popular among water sports enthusiasts.

The climate of Vietnam

Vietnam has a subtropical climate. The rainy season runs from May to October. From January to April there is relatively little rain. The average temperatures in the country are quite warm every month. In the coldest months, the average temperature is around 27℃. In the warmer months the temperature averages about 29 ℃.

Keep in mind that it can also get quite humid in Vietnam. It is a good idea to bring light clothing and sturdy walking shoes. If you are visiting the country in the rainy season, it is important to also pack a good raincoat in your suitcase. It is also not a bad idea to bring a cap or hat to protect your scalp and facial skin from the sun.

What activities can you do in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a beautiful country to travel around. You will not soon get tired of the beautiful and versatile nature. But apart from the fact that you can see a lot in Vietnam, you can also undertake all kinds of activities. How about kayaking or snorkeling, for example? You can also enjoy walking and cycling in the country. In between activities, get to know the country’s rich cuisine. Vietnam is known for its many street food stalls.

What should you take into account when traveling to Vietnam?

Please note that you need a visa to travel to Vietnam. Moreover, it is useful to always have some cash with you in Vietnam. A credit card is not accepted everywhere. In Vietnam people pay with the Vietnamese Dong (VND). It is therefore wise to exchange your money upon arrival.

Finally, it is highly recommended to visit several places in the country. You can book a tour with a provider such as Van Verre. This way you are assured of good accommodations, and you can really get to know the versatile Vietnam.


Vietnam is a very versatile holiday destination. The country has something to offer for almost every holidaymaker. You will find beautiful beaches, impressive nature and a rich culture. Vietnam is a very popular holiday destination among backpackers for a reason. If you want to visit Vietnam outside the rainy season, it is wise to plan your trip between January and April.

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