Van Nistelrooij hopes to stay on Rutten: ‘There was sometimes a hassle, especially in the first months of this year’

The reports about tensions within the PSV staff are also contradicted left and right, or on the other hand made somewhat ‘flatter’.

After all, where people work, mistakes are made and discussions on the work floor are an everyday occurrence. In any case, the noises about internal struggles in the PSV staff are there. However, the nuance is made in comparison to De Telegraaf when we listen to Rik Elfrink’s version and explanation.

Elfrink indicates that there has been some ‘friction’ within the technical staff at PSV this season. The reporter of the Eindhovens Dagblad reports that things will change at PSV next season.

“Especially in the first months of this calendar year there was sometimes a hassle,” says the ED journalist and club watcher. “That is not uncommon at any club in times when the results are moderate to poor. According to PSV, the situation should not be exaggerated: without friction, it is called no shine,” said Elfrink, who is able to explain himself further.

“As previously reported, for example, the working method of one of the three more prominent assistants, the Spaniard Javier Rabanal, was sometimes the subject of discussion with a number of other staff members,” Elfrink continues. keep satisfied. Rabanal was originally supposed to join Young PSV this season, but went to the A-selection with a number of others with Van Nistelrooij. In the course of this season he has disappeared from the bench at matches”, Elfrink concludes.

“André Ooijer has previously indicated that he will stop for private reasons and Fred Rutten has not yet made any announcements about his sporting future. Last week he did not want to answer questions about a longer stay, something that Van Nistelrooy hopes for, according to his own statement. Rabanal’s position is currently unclear, but a very prominent role in the coming season does not seem likely. In any case, there will be new blood in the staff for the Ooijer vacancy,” concludes Elfrink.

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