Vaccinated people will be dead in 2 years, this doctor says

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We were told that the corona shot is an experimental vaccine that has not been tested before. That’s not true, American doctor Abdul Alim Muhammad said during a question and answer session.

It has indeed been tested. When they tested the mRNA vaccine technology on humanized mice, 100 percent of the mice died within two months, Muhammad said.

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100 percent lethal

They performed the same experiment on monkeys. After the mRNA technology was injected into the animals, they all died. “Same result.”

In autopsies, the mRNA was found in every organ, the doctor stressed. “They conducted an experiment to prove that the mRNA technology is 100 percent lethal.”

Biological weapon

Two months of a mouse’s life is equal to two human years, Muhammad explained. So if 100 percent of the mice die within two months, the people who have been vaccinated will be dead in two years, said the doctor, who based on statements by Dr Judy Mikovits and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier.

“This is a biological weapon. The spike protein is a biological weapon [dat is ontworpen] to kill you.”

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