Utrecht student associate. under fire for ring toss game involving stripper’s anus

The Utrechtsch Studenten Corps (USC) is under fire for a photo circulating on social media showing members playing “ring toss” with the goal of getting a ring over a bottle held in a stripper’s anus, De Telegraaf reports.

Students confirmed the authenticity of the photo to RTV Utrecht. Rector Hiddo Laane of the USC told the Telegraaf that he “strongly disapproves” of the behavior and has reported the incident to the relevant authorities. The person responsible has received an “appropriate sanction,” he said.

The student association informed Utrecht University (UU) about the incident last week Tuesday, spokesperson Annelies Waterlander told the newspaper. “The UU and Hogeschool Utrecht are waiting for the handling by the management of the USC before they decide on any additional measures.”

“We realize that management cannot always prevent transgressive incidents from taking place. However, we think it is essential that student associations, based on a health association culture, do everything they can to prevent excesses and act effectively if they do occur,” Waterlander said.

This is not the first incident at a Dutch student association this year. In March, Vindicat in Groningen made headlines with students mistreating geese. The Amsterdam student association ASC/AVSV apologized last month for years of violence used by its members, particularly on aspiring members during initiation.

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