Tristate City was a “conspiracy theory” right?

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Tristate City, a plan for a new kind of super city – in which the Netherlands, Brussels, Antwerp and the Ruhr area together are to become the new capital of Europe.

It’s not a conspiracy. It is a plan by institutional investors, VNO-NCW, Rabobank and other parties who are prepared to sacrifice our physical and social landscape for profit. They do not value Dutch culture, nature or a pleasant living environment.

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Not waiting

“We are not going to wait for approval from government authorities, because then we will wait another 20 years.”

How can we compete with metropolises? A solution could well be Tristate City, says Aafke Eppinga in an explainer. “This is a European metropolis of 40 million inhabitants that consists of the Netherlands, Flanders and the German Ruhr area.”

Wasn’t it a conspiracy theory?

The idea of ​​the Tristate City is: stronger together. For Tristate City to be a success, a number of things need to happen, such as improving the area’s connectivity and more high-speed lines, Eppinga said.

FVD Member of Parliament Pepijn van Houwelingen asks: “Uh? Tristate City was a ‘conspiracy theory’, wasn’t it?”

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