Tretinoin for the skin is becoming more and more popular, what is it anyway?

Tretinoin has been circulating the world of the skincare. Although it can only be prescribed by a doctor, more and more people are starting this. We tell you everything you want to know about this product.

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What is tretinoin

Tretinoin is a type of acid that is used to stimulate skin cell division, which causes old cells to disappear. Doctors mainly prescribe it for acne, rosacea and a number of other skin conditions. It can also improve the elasticity of the skin. It comes in the form of a cream that can be applied to the face.

Tretinoin is becoming increasingly popular

To get tretinoin you have to go to the dermatologist. It must be prescribed as it is not good for the skin when it is not necessary to apply. Nowadays, less concentrated forms are available and it is increasing in popularity. Nowadays, good skin care is one thing for many people must, and tretinoin therefore seems to be a good addition. As it rises in popularity on TikTok, dermatologists are getting more and more requests for the cream. Yet many applications are rejected.

How do you apply it

A misconception about tretinoin is how you apply it. On TikTok, many people show how to apply it as a moisturizer, but dermatologists say that’s not the point. The cream should be applied moderately and preferably on top of a layer of moisturizer or day cream.


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The downside to using tretinoin

The biggest drawback to using tretinoin is the red and sensitive skin you get from it. It remains quite aggressive to the skin and is not your daily spot cream or moisturizer. Talk to a dermatologist about whether using this remedy is the right move.

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Tretinoin for the skin is becoming more and more popular, what is it anyway?

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