Top 10 Most Expensive Golf Balls in the World!

These professional golf balls use the best materials and are equipped with unique technology to deliver strong performance. Whether driving or putting, they will help you improve your game on the fairway and green.

This article covers the highest price tag golf balls, from the Volvik s3 to Dixon Golf’s flagship balls used by amateurs and professionals to perform at their best.

We’ve reviewed these expensive golf balls for their construction, softness, driving and putting capabilities, and price to help you choose the best balls for your next round of golf.

Here is our list of the 10 most expensive golf balls in the world:

10. Volvik S3 – $41 a dozen

Volvik S3

The Volvik range of golf balls continues to be popular with both amateur and professional golfers, offering a wide variety of options with consistently good quality.

Volvik’s premium golf balls are the S3 model, which is constructed from their patented VU-X urethane cover for dependable durability and accuracy.

These are light and soft golf balls that allow for increased spin control, with 85 compressions for consistent and stable flight.

They come with their patented 336 dimple design, featuring the spade, diamond, heart and clover ball insignia, and you can choose from white or orange colors.

Their performance is enhanced by the oversized BISMUTH core construction.

At €41 for a dozen golf balls, the Volvik S3 golf balls are about as expensive as some of the most expensive cheeses in the world.

These expensive golf balls combine low driver spin with high wedge spin to deliver tournament performance.

9. Callaway Chrome Soft – $44 a dozen

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway’s premium golf balls are among the softer golf balls you can buy, making them great balls for tournament performance right off the tee.

It’s solid performance on the green too, with a soft feel that makes putting a real pleasure.

You can get good distance from the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, making them ideal for golfers who demand range and accuracy when hitting the green with low iron or wood.

They also deliver exceptional spin for a short game shot, making them versatile for amateur and pro golfers alike, whether driving the range or putting.

They come in a variety of colors, with the bright yellow version being the easiest to find if you end up in the rough.

Overall, the Chrome Soft golf balls are perfect for medium to low handicap golfers, and at $44 a dozen they are affordable golf balls that are worth their weight in gold.

8. Titleist ProV1 – $44 a dozen

Titleist ProV1

Titleist is perhaps the most well-known brand of golf balls on the market, with their ProV1 models at the lower end of the price range compared to their very best, but still delivering great all-round performance.

Made from a softer molded urethane elastomer cover system, Titleist golf balls can travel a long distance with consistent flight, with very low and long game spin.

They are also great balls for more drop and stop, giving you extra short game control when approaching the green and lining up for a flawless putting.

They are made with a spherically tilted 388 tetrahedral dimple design, while their overall softer feel makes them responsive and flexible.

Suitable for golfers of all abilities, the Titleist ProV1 golf balls cost about the same price as the most expensive coffee money can buy, with a dozen golf balls for $44 a dozen.

If you’re a novice golfer looking for quality balls that won’t break the bank, the Titleist ProV1 balls are some of the best golf balls money can buy.

7. TaylorMade Lethal – $44 a dozen

Taylor Made Lethal

A lesser known brand of golf balls, TaylorMade has tried to compete with the more established brands and finally succeeded with the Lethal golf balls.

These expensive golf balls should be an integral part of any self-respecting golf equipment, designed for players who can pull off a higher swing speed.

The TaylorMade Lethal has a lower track than some of its rivals, making them great all-round use and performance.

It is a brand popular with some of the world’s best golfers, with Tiger Woods a notable fan of the brand, particularly the TaylorMade stealth drivers.

Their Lethal balls offer 86% more dimple coverage compared to the Penta TP5, its predecessor, with a firmer feel than other balls on the market.

Widely regarded as the best golf balls yet from the manufacturer, TaylorMade golf balls will cost you $44 per dozen balls.

6. Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold – $45 a dozen

Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold

Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold golf balls deliver exactly what you would expect given the name; these are incredibly soft and responsive golf balls that are guaranteed to improve your golf game.

Used by some of the wealthiest golfers in the world, Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold golf balls combine their soft feel with great long game spin at a variety of swing speeds.

They are the most expensive golf balls you can buy from Saintnine, with the four-piece balls featuring a urethane cover with 336 dimples to reduce drag.

Perfect for low to medium handicap golfers, the Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold golf balls also provide plenty of backspin, making them great balls for accurate spinning and stopping on the green.

Although the company only launched in 2012, they have come into their own in recent years, and the Extreme Soft Gold versions are the pinnacle of their production.

A pack of a dozen Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold golf balls will set you back $45, making them high-end golf balls for serious players.

5. Nike One Tour – $45 a dozen

Nike One Tour

The international sports brand Nike needs no introduction, as it has been producing high-quality sports equipment for a wide range of sports disciplines for decades.

Their Nike One Tour is their most expensive golf ball to date, replacing their previous 20XI golf balls and costing $45 for a pack of 12 balls.

Exceptionally well constructed, the Nike One Tour balls deliver amazing compression for optimal distance and all-round solid performance in all weather conditions.

These balls have excellent spin control and are especially designed for long distance driver shots to reach the green from hundreds of meters away.

Designed for a complete game, they are made in a four-piece construction with a seamless urethane cover and use Nike’s proprietary Power Transfer Technology.

More recently, Nike has ventured into the metaverse by partnering with RTFKT to deliver a range of CryptoKicks sneakers.

4. Volvik Vivid Prior Generation – $53 a dozen

Volvik Vivid Prior Generation

Back to Volvik for their Vivid Prior Generation golf balls, which appear to be completely smooth golf balls at first glance.

They come in an original matte finish with vibrant colours, making them easy to pick out if you’re unlucky enough to end up in the rough.

Available in green, orange and red, these excellent golf balls have a soft feel and sound, with just enough firmness thrown into the mix to give them a little more feedback than some of their closest rivals.

With medium to high spin and great ball speed, these are capable balls both at lower swing speeds and when putting on the green.

There is also plenty of control when chipping the ball, so if you are looking for golf balls with good balance and versatility, these could be the golf ball for you.

At $53 a dozen, it’s an expensive golf ball that offers a tough outer core and good performance for both high swing speed and low spin in the long game.

3. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation – $56 a dozen

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation

The Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation golf balls are a high-end golf ball that combines a soft feel with effective ball speed, offering significant improvements over some of their lower priced products.

Whether you are a budding amateur or a professional golfer, a Titleist ball will be a consideration for your primary golf ball of choice.

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation golf balls have a low spin rate so they can withstand strong gusts without going off course, and this reduction in spin also allows them to travel a greater distance on the tee.

They work equally well on the green and respond to putting with accuracy and smooth rolls, making them a good choice for many golfers.

With good extended performance no matter what golf club you use, the Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation golf balls are a great tour ball for those looking to improve their short game spin.

A pack of twelve Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation golf balls will set you back $56, about the same price as some of the world’s most expensive pizzas.

2. Titleist AVX – $63 a dozen

Titleist AVX

Our final pick from Titleist are the AVX golf balls, their premium golf ball constructed from a high-quality outer core and available for $63 per dozen golf balls.

With increased aerodynamics thanks to the patented mixed core and cover, the Titleist AVX golf ball delivers low long game spin and flight, and a consistent trajectory.

It is made with a low compression core for a pleasantly soft feel, while the GRN41 molded thermoset urethane construction improves scoring control and overall durability.

With 352 tetrahedral dimples, it is a premium ball that provides excellent performance over long distances.

At full strokes, the spin is perfect, while short game control is optimal, and it is also easy to control from the putter.

There’s also a ten percent increase in yardage over its competitors, with a smooth launch angle and reduced driver spin, giving it great performance off the tee.

While golfers with slower swing speeds may find this ball a bit off-putting, for those looking for an expensive ball with a very soft feel, it is an excellent choice that outperforms cheaper balls every time.

A pack of 12 Titleist golf balls costs €63. Their bright yellow appearance means they will stand out on any golf course you use them on.

1. Dixon Fire – $68 a dozen


The most expensive golf balls you can buy are the Dixon Fire golf balls, which cost about $68 per dozen balls.

This is an eco-friendly ball, made from a recyclable molded urethane sleeve, with a firm to medium compression of 90, and a medium trajectory.

The Dixon Fire golf ball features a 318 tour precision dimple pattern to make the ball more aerodynamic.

With a soft feel coming from the club, it is responsive and accurate, maintaining a clear line of the course whether hit with woods or irons.

Dixon Fire golf balls are ideal for low handicap players with fast swing speeds that cut through the wind.

For golfers who expect the very best performance from their golf balls, Dixon Fire golf balls deliver the best results while being environmentally friendly.


Here is a brief overview of the 10 most expensive golf balls in the world:

  1. Dixon Fire – $68 a dozen
  2. Titleist AVX golf balls – $63 a dozen
  3. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls – €56 per dozen
  4. Volvik Vivid Prior Generation Golf Balls – $53 a dozen
  5. Nike One Tour – €45 a dozen
  6. Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold – €45 per dozen
  7. TaylorMade Lethal – $44 a dozen
  8. Titleist ProV1 – $44 Per Dozen
  9. Callaway Chrome Soft – €44 Per Dozen
  10. Volvik S3 – €41 Per Dozen

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