“Too Afraid to Sleep”

What is the horror series ‘From’ about?

The new American horror series ‘From’ has terrified viewers. The sci-fi horror series is set in a typical American village where they have to deal with not really ‘normal’ things. The moment you enter this village, you soon realize that you cannot leave. You are in a struggle for survival and at the same time looking for a way out. For example, there is a hard fight against terrifying night creatures that live in the surrounding forest. There are also scary secrets hidden in the village. In short, all horror.

On IMDb the series currently gets 7.7/10 stars. On Rotten Tomatoes, this series gets an Average Tomatometer of 96% and an Average Audience Score of 89%. So impressive numbers! Fans not only let Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb know that they love the show, but the hype also seems to be huge on social media.

Horror fans seem very impressed

From is currently airing its second season and viewers seem to find the series very exciting. The reactions on social media read as follows: “This is the scariest series I’ve ever watched, recommended!” someone else said “I’m shaking with fear, I don’t think I can sleep tonight”. If you are also curious how scary this series is, you can buy the series on both DVD and Blu-ray. Unfortunately, the series cannot currently be streamed via streaming services in the Netherlands. So you would have to stream this series via a VPN connection or some other way.

Watch the trailer of the horror series From below:

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