Tips for children during a heat wave

In the summer it happens that you have to deal with very high tropical temperatures for days on end. We also call this weather phenomenon a heat wave. During a heat wave, there are things that you really have to pay attention to, especially with children. What you should take into account with children (if we are dealing with heat) we would like to tell you more about below.

Hydrate Make sure your child gets enough fluids

A heat wave is accompanied by temperatures of tropical levels. This ensures that even if you do nothing at all, you still lose quite a bit of perspiration. Proper hydration is extremely important to ensure that your moisture balance remains in order. Also pay close attention to this with children. Often they are so busy playing that they may forget to drink on time.
Remind your child regularly. Preferably give your child water or flavored water. Isn’t it working so well to get your son or daughter to drink. You can also give a popsicle or a piece of watermelon that your child can also get some moisture from. During a heat wave, always encourage drinking.

Keeping the house fresh and cool inside

Is it very hot outside? Try not to get the worst heat inside the house during a heat wave. This is especially nice for your night’s sleep and that of your children. There is nothing more annoying than that your children cannot sleep because it is so hot in the bedrooms. Not a good night’s sleep also means that your children cry more often and become lethargic because they are so tired. What can you do to keep it pleasantly cool and fresh in your home? At least keep everything closed. As soon as the temperatures rise, close curtains, shutters, windows and doors. Fans or air conditioning also provide a cooler atmosphere in, for example, the children’s bedroom.

Read here how best to keep the children’s bedroom cool in the summer.

Keep sunscreen handy

Do children still go outside to play during a heat wave? Then it is just like with adults use sunscreen. Good to rub your child or children with this and keep repeating it regularly. With this kind of heat you burn really fast. If you buy a sunscreen product, pay close attention to the factor. A child’s skin burns very quickly. Choose a special product for children or something with a high protective factor.

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