Tips for buying baby clothes

Will you soon be the proud mom or dad of a son or a daughter? Congratulations! Nothing is as special as the first period with your newborn child. That’s why you can’t believe your happiness that you will be able to hold your baby in your arms in a while. It is a special experience that cannot be described with a pen. Most people who become fathers or mothers for the first time also fully enjoy all the practicalities involved in giving birth. For example, it is very nice to buy newborn clothing for your little one, such as a romper suit, wrap romper with a round neckline, shirt, cardigan, pants or dress

Are you shopping and will your baby arrive soon? At Weerstandinbalans we would like to inspire you with the collection of the children’s clothing brand Mijs X Merlijn with affordable baby clothes that are available from size 44 for the smallest babies up to size 92.

Which newborn clothes should not be missing in your little one’s wardrobe?

  • A jacket;
  • One-piece (box) suits so you can change your baby without having to undress him or her completely first;
  • rompers;
  • sweaters;
  • pants;
  • A hat;
  • socks;
  • To prevent skin irritation, it is best to buy cotton newborn clothes.

Nice and warm first pack

When your little one is born, you can dress your daughter or son with the birth suit. That’s a special moment, especially if you like fashion. That is why you naturally want the first package to look very nice. If you are going to buy this pack, there are a number of important points to take into account. Because a newborn baby is not yet able to properly regulate its body temperature after birth, it is wise to ensure that the birth suit offers enough warmth. You can opt for a playsuit or put together a package with, for example, pants, a romper, a shirt, socks and a hat. You can also replace the shirt with a romper with long sleeves.

Combine it nicely

You can also ensure that your child stays nice and warm with a cardigan. What makes this item extra fun is that you can combine it nicely. You can match a cute baby cardigan with, for example, a shirt, blouse or pants. For all baby clothing, the fabrics are so soft and the seams are so well finished that they look like handmade baby pants, baby shirts and baby blouses. In short, Mijs X Merlijn’s baby clothes should not be missing in your little one’s wardrobe. So go to the webshop quickly and choose all your favorite items for a low price.

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