this way you can easily get rid of pimples on your back

We now know that pimples can not only occur on your face. And as annoying as we find pimples, we all suffer from them sometimes. Don’t you want to wear that one top because your back is full of pimples? We got you. This is how you can easily get rid of back acne.

1. Avoid oil

The fat content in your skin that causes pimples on your face is often the cause of pimples on your back and chest. It is therefore important to avoid oil-based products. These clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing properly – resulting in pimples. Look for care products that are well suited to your skin type, so that you give your skin the care it deserves.

2. Shower after exercise/sweat

As summer approaches, we’re sweating more and more. Sweat clogs your pores, making it more likely that pimples will appear. It is therefore important to take a shower immediately if you have been sweating a lot. Sure, chat with you after your sports session gym buddy is nice, but by the time you step under the jet, your sweat has long since soaked into your pores. Rather not!

3. Use exfoliating products

A mouth full, but indispensable when you want to tackle pimples on your back or chest: alicylic acid and beta hydroxy acid. Products with these substances exfoliate the skin and penetrate deep into the pores, dissolving blockages and allowing your skin to breathe again. In addition, exfoliants not only work to get rid of existing breakouts, but also prevent new ones. Win win!

Source: Grazia | Image: NL Image / BrunoPress

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