This summer’s trend: mini skirts

By high waist until low-waisted jeans and from maxi skirt to miniscule skirts: you leave a piece of clothing in your closet for a few years and before you know it it’s totally trendy again. We saw the miniskirts already passed by a number of celebs, including Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. You can read here how to style this ultra short skirt.

So throw those long skirts back in the closet.

The mini skirt is back

With the sunny days approaching, now is the time to stock up on your favorite mini skirt.

Back to the 00s

The mini-skirt is actually no more than a slightly wider belt. The trend of just covering your buttocks started in the early 00s. Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton, among others, rocked the trend at the time. But the mini skirt is back and better than ever.

This is how you style the mini skirt

The mini skirt may not be the most comfortable piece of clothing. If you still want to style it as well as possible, start by wearing biker shorts under your skirt. Of course, choose shorts that are shorter than the skirt itself or, for example, go for a men’s boxer. This way you don’t end up in uncomfortable situations with uncovered body parts… Do you think a mini skirt is on the short side? Then wear a long coat or blazer over it just like Hailey.

Photo by Dylan Travis

Here you can shop the cutest mini skirts

Do you also want to follow this trend this summer? You can find them in all collections at the moment. From denim to real leather: all variants are available. You can shop the nicest mini skirts here

Zara Denim Mini Skirt TRF – €29.95

Mango Mini Skirt with Pockets – €39.99

Maje Jianou Lambskin Mini Skirt – €315

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This summer’s trend: mini skirts

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