This cup of coffee costs 920 euros and brings people to tears

In the Australian town of Penrith is a true coffee mecca, called Brew Lab Cafe. Here you can have a caffeine experience like you’ve never had before. How much can the cup of coffee cost? A sloppy 1500 Australian dollars, converted to 920 euros.

For this astronomically high amount you can also buy 260 packs of filter coffee from the local supermarket, but that aside. How on earth can a cup of coffee be so expensive?

Beans by private jet to Australia

What doesn’t help bring the price down a bit is that the beans are only available on request. The beans are roasted in Panama and then flown by private jet – yes, you read that right, by private jet – to Australia. You must therefore order your cup of coffee two weeks in advance. Spontaneously ‘having a cup of coffee’ is therefore not an option in this case.

Coffee almost extinct, according to research: 5 alternative drinks

The delicate preparation process of the coffee is also quite a labour-intensive and fussy job. For example, special filters are used and the water must be heated to exactly 94 degrees. The mixture is then poured over several times and the coffee shop makes us believe that this must be done accurately to the second.

More like tea than coffee

Best of all, according to Brew Lab Café owner and barista Johnson, customers’ first impression is that the drink is more like tea than coffee. Nice then, a cup of strong tea for 920 euros. For that money you can also buy this dubious espresso machine from the government, which actually costs thousands of euros new.

cup of coffee for 920 euros

But that’s just the first impression. Because the customers – the counter is at the grandiose number of two – who actually tasted the drink, were moved to tears. ‘The subtlety of the taste and the velvety texture’ made them cry with happiness. If that isn’t a nice story for the coffee machine in the office. Take a look at the website of the coffee café.

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This cup of coffee costs 920 euros and brings people to tears

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