Thierry Von Der Warth with ‘Chasing Time’

Thierry Von Der Warth processes the death of father

Thierry Von Der Warth processes the death of his father in his new single ‘Chasing Time’. Tongeren DJ and producer Thierry Von Der Warth knows that life passes quickly. With 20 million streams he achieved in record time with his hits ‘Sunset Lovers’ (15 million streams) and ‘One Day At A Time’ (4.5 million streams) the steadfast number 8 from the leading Climax top 100 list of most streamed Belgian DJs is doing well. After ‘Sunset Lovers’ Thierry Von Der Warth’s new summer single ‘Chasing Time’ will be released this Friday, May 19, 2023. The song is not only about spending our precious time sustainably, but for Thierry it was also a process in which he was given the space to deal with the death of his father. Papa Eric Von Der Warth passed away last year at the age of 62.

Thierry Von Der Warth with father

Regularly in tears

‘Chasing Time’ by Thierry Von Der Warth and singer Jay Mason appeared on his Paraíso label and is available digitally. “We need to enjoy more and make time to celebrate life with the people around us”, which is the universal message that the popular Limburg DJ and producer Thierry Von Der Warth along with his latest single ‘Chasing Time’ which appeared digitally. During the production process, where Thierry collaborated with singer Jay Mason, he regularly burst into tears in the studio. “Spending your time usefully is a struggle we all know (laughs). In addition, this song also contributed to the grieving process around my father. He died last year at the age of 62. ‘Chasing Time’ is an ode to him, but also a reminder to always make time for yourself, for your friends, family and the people you love, in addition to pursuing your own goals.

Thierry Von Der Warth Chasing Time

My best friend, support and rock

You have to stop chasing time, by conversely making time for yourself in the form of qualitative me-time. My outlook on life has also changed radically due to the passing of my father. I live much more in the moment and have learned to appreciate the little things. Life is not all about work, nor is it a race to meet your expectations and achieve your goals as quickly as possible. It is rather a race against life, because that is much too short.”, says Thierry Von Der Warth. “I’ll never forget how my father on his deathbed encouraged me to start shooting. Dad was not only my father, but also my best friend and support. I had just come home from a DJ set at a festival, turned the key in the lock, closed the door and got a phone call from the hospital that Dad had just passed away.

I felt guilty for a while

As if he had waited for me to get home safely, because that’s how it came to me. See, when I tell the story and think about it, my eyes get wet by themselves. Yes, it touched me immensely. I felt guilty for a while. Even though we had a strong bond, we could talk to each other about everything, for a long time I resented myself that we didn’t spend his last hours together. Even though I know he didn’t mind because he always encouraged me to turn, it’s still something that gnaws at me. Hence the idea to also indicate in ‘Chasing Time’ that people should really take time in life for all those people they love, because I know what I’m talking about”, Thierry Von Der Warth closes his personal story emotionally.

‘Chasing Time’ by Thierry Von Der Warth was released digitally on his Paraíso label.

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