They may not stand a chance, but… ‘These two clubs smell their chance and inquire about Lukaku’s conditions’

Romelu Lukaku’s future remains uncertain. The Red Devil would like to stay in Milan, but it is Chelsea FC that has the first word. In the meantime, several interested clubs are coming to the window.

Romelu Lukaku has found his way to goal again in recent weeks. The signal for Internazionale FC to fight for an extended stay of the Red Devil. “He absolutely wants to stay with us”, the CEO of Inter – you can read the full article HERE – even goes a step further.

According to the English media, there is a chance that a real transfer battle will erupt. Newcastle United and Aston Villa also see themselves as contenders Big Roman to bring in. The former wants to buy the Red Devil, while The Vilans ask Chelsea about the terms of a loan.

No option for Lukaku?

However, the chances are small that Lukaku will agree to such a scenario. The Magpies may have a lot of money, but anything but the best reputation. From a sporting point of view, a transfer to Aston Villa does not fit at all in the career planning that Lukaku himself has in mind.

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