these are the richest cast members of Selling Sunset

The sixth season was released this week Sell ​​Sunset on Netflix, and of course we immediately started binging. But between all those million-dollar properties, Louboutins and sexy designer items, we wondered: how rich are those ladies from the Oppenheim Group really?

Huge amounts

The amounts entered Sell ​​Sunset passing by are often so astronomical that they no longer seem real. Furnishings worth a ton, a view that costs more than a million euros, and new construction that yields tens of millions.


If you work as a real estate agent in the Netherlands, then you are employed and you will be paid properly every month. At the Oppenheim Group in LA, things are just a little different. The brokers live on the commissions they earn per house and do not receive a fixed hourly wage.

Mary Fitzgerald, real-estate agent from the Netflix hit, already told Express that this is the only downside to working in this business. “Sometimes you spend months with a client and they suddenly change their mind. But sometimes you find a customer who immediately has a soft spot for a house – then you easily earn a huge commission. Unfortunately, this is not often the case.”

Nice cash

Despite Mary’s explanation, the series shows that the ladies are anything but short of cash. The cars, outfits, heels and extravagant parties show that there is absolutely no need to bite a stick. Since the hourly wage cannot be clearly expressed, we look at the abilities of the cast members – because yes, why not.

Okay, technically he’s not part of the O Group, but still: with half a million in assets, we just count French muscle bundle Romain. With his work as a model and project manager he’s clearly got it right. This puts his estimated net worth around the same level as that of newcomer Chelsea Lazkani.

Subsequently, power women Mary Fitzgerald and Amanza Smith all have more than a million in assets. Emma Hernan scores slightly higher with one and a half million on her account. Of course she has also done well with her own empanada empire.


Following is Davina Potratz who is said to be worth around two million dollars. Heather Rae El Moussa no Young, one of the younger Oppenheim Group colleagues, takes it one step further. She has a fortune of no less than three million. Incidentally, Heather recently announced that this sixth season will be her last for the series. Although the recordings for the seventh round are already underway, she says she has ‘not had a call about it’.

One of the newest additions to the reality series, Nicole Young, is also said to have accumulated a considerable amount of money. This realtor has been with the Oppenheim Group for a while, but so far has mainly done its work outside the reality spotlight. She did make a cameo every now and then – that’s how you could spot her in season two as officer at Mary and Romain’s wedding. Anyway: Nicole also has a nice amount in her bank account with about three million dollars!

That other new face in the sixth season, Bre Tiesi, would also have done well over the years. Before she started working as a real estate agent, she was active as a model. All in all, estimates of her net worth vary widely: from a (still impressive) $300,000, to a casual $6 million. We’re guessing the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Of the ladies at the O Group, however, one takes the cake: Chrisshell Stause is said to have collected about five million dollars over the years. As we know, Chrisshell has only been with the Oppenheim Group for a few years, so most of those dollars will come from her film career.

Former cast members

Before we take a look at the cast members with the fattest wallets, let’s also take a look at the cast members from previous seasons. In the sixth season there are some changes of the guard: Christine Quinn and Vanessa Villela have said goodbye to the series.

Christine has now set up her own real estate agency together with her (also filthy rich) husband: RealOpen. Well, with an estimated net worth of around two million dollars, she has one pretty penny managed to save, so no wonder she still wants to continue her real estate career.

Vanessa Villela, who can no longer be seen this season, has of course been active as an actress, just like Chrisshell. And that didn’t hurt her either. She would have collected a pleasant five million dollars in assets. From Hollywood to real estate – apparently it’s not such a crazy choice.

Oppenheim chiefs

Anyway, of course there is always boss above boss. Jason and Brett set up the Oppenheim Group and take the largest listings at their expense. Also, a small percentage of each sale goes straight to their bank account because they like brokers make sales possible.

And what does that yield in total? A modest fifty million dollars per person. The twins in charge together would therefore account for eight zeros in the bank account. Well, would Mary soon see a nice bonus appearing in her bank account after her promotion within the Oppenheim Group? Who knows what the rankings will look like then!

Source: My Imperfect Life, Evening Standard, Justjared, Grazia, Beau Monde archive | Image: Netflix

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