These are the most common ailments with the Samsung Galaxy S21

Millions of people chose the Samsung Galaxy S21 in 2021 to replace their existing device. Where one enthusiast cannot wait for Samsung to release a new device, someone else makes it a sport to keep using their device for as long as possible. The latter fits in with the sustainable idea that people increasingly adhere to; repairing existing equipment in the event of a defect, rather than replacing it. After all, it often concerns one or two components that are worn out, while the rest of the device can still be used for years. Repairs for the Samsung Galaxy S21, but also for other models, come in many different forms. For example, think of repairing the Samsung Galaxy S21 connector when it is no longer possible to charge the device. A problem with the connector of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is an example of an ailment that is relatively common. Which ailments do we see more regularly with this device? You can read more about it in this article.

Samsung Galaxy S21 broken screen recovery

Not only can one face a problem with the connector of the Samsung Galaxy S21 over time. Repairing the screen of your S21 may also be necessary after a few years. Not so much due to regular wear and tear of parts, but often after dropping the phone or, for example, using it without a screen protector. If you carry the device in your pocket or, for example, a handbag with you, small dirt particles will quickly rub across the screen. These particles cause scratches, which will disturb over time. Replacing the screen is the solution.

Have a new battery installed in the Galaxy S21

A third common ailment: deteriorating battery capacity. After you have used the device intensively for two or three years, it will last less and less. It’s annoying when you have to charge the phone again during the day to keep using it. However, a deteriorated battery is no reason to replace the phone: you can have the battery replaced relatively cheaply. This way the device will last for years!

Other repairs that are carried out regularly: the restoration of the back of the phone, the replacement of the front and rear cameras, and so on.

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