these are the 5 most important beauty tips for contact lens wearers

We probably don’t have to explain it to lens wearers anymore, because they know the struggle: wearing make-up when you have contact lenses. It can cause itching, irritation and problems. But did you know that this is actually not necessary? Apply these 5 beauty tips to your routine, so that wearing make-up becomes a party for contact lens wearers as well.

makeup contact lens wearer tips

1. Lenses first

Let’s start at the beginning: before you start your makeup routine, it’s important to put in your lenses first. It is also important to choose the right variant, so you can order lenses with cylinder. If you want to make your eyes pop a little more and you don’t need a lot of strength, you can also order colored contact lenses online. Are the right lenses in? Then put them in first and then start your beauty routine.

2. Skip the waterline

An important beauty tip that many people don’t know yet is skipping makeup on your waterline. You can certainly lubricate your eye pencil on the eyelid, but it is better not to get into the eyelid. If you do, the chance that your lens will be contaminated or damaged is enormous. With the result of those bright red eyes that also sting enormously. In short, you don’t want that.

3. Avoid liquid Products

Despite the fact that it is a huge hype these days, it is better not to wear liquid products as a contact lens wearer. These liquid products quickly leave residues in your eye, which are then also difficult to remove. Choose products that are not too liquid and preferably water-based. Oil-based products can not only feel unpleasant, but also leave a haze on your lenses.

4. Check the expiration date

This is not only an important tip for contact lens wearers, but actually for everyone. Checking the expiration date of your products is much more important than you think, because otherwise the bacteria will only accumulate. These bacteria in turn cause inflamed eyes – and that is something you really want to prevent as a contact lens wearer. On the packaging of the beauty product you can see how long you can use the item after opening, this can often be 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

5. The correct order

Just as it’s important to put your lenses in before your makeup routine, it’s also important to take them out when you’re about to remove your makeup. So, before you run off with makeup remover, cleansers and toners, it’s smart to take off your lenses first. And, something you should never (but really never) do is sleep with make-up on and your lenses still in. Either way, this is only going to cause inflammation, pain, and damage to your eyes and lenses.

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