The Zeeman’s ‘cleaning slippers’ are a real hit

These mop slippers from Zeeman are extremely popular

De Zeeman is such a store that occasionally adds a hilarious must-have to its range. This time it’s hit again with the mop slippers. Mopping is always so boring and tiring that no one likes to do it. However, that is now a thing of the past. You mop your floor with these slippers, while you can perform your other daily tasks.

How does it work?

These slippers work very simply and actually almost the same as a normal mop. Make a soap solution with cold water and white vinegar. Then you pour it all into a plant sprayer and spray it on the bottom of the mop slippers. Think of this as a kind of work-out. Turn on your favorite music and dance to it. This way you can keep moving while you also clean your floor at the same time. You can also do other things while you are busy scrubbing the floor.

mop slippers from the Zeeman

These ideal mop slippers from Zeeman are available in different colors and now only cost € 2.99. What are you waiting for?

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