The swimwear trends for the summer of 2023

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After our blog about the swimwear trends of 2022, we are back with the trends of 2023! Now that the days are getting longer again, we are eagerly anticipating the coming summer. Where are we going on vacation? When can we go to the beach for the first time to work on a healthy tan? The question then arises: what do we wear? Every summer season there is a new trend for both women’s swimwear and men’s. If you want to participate in the 2023 one, read on.

What are the ladies wearing this summer?

The ladies have a lot to choose from for the summer of 2023. For example, bathing suits and bikinis with animal print are completely hip. If you don’t think that suits you, you can also opt for a plain bikini or swimsuit because they are also high in the top 4 of swimwear trends this season, namely in second place. Followed by the retro motifs. If you like to make a splash on the beach, a cool retro motif is the right choice. Wear an ‘over the top’ bikini with underwire that immediately draws all the attention, then you know you’re in the right place. There is also a trend that women think they can go topless just like men, something with equal treatment. So you will probably encounter some more ladies who choose to wear only bikini bottoms.

What are the top 4 swimwear for women this summer?

  1. Animal print
  2. Plain bikini or bathing suit
  3. Retro motifs
  4. Over-the-top bikini

Is the bathing suit out of swimwear fashion?

There are also women who prefer not to wear a bikini. They may feel insecure about their body or think a bikini is too exposed anyway. No problem: the bathing suit is excellent. In fact, for the summer of 2023 you can choose from a wide range of swimsuits in both plain and print colors. There are beautiful high-cut models and models that dress nicely so that you feel secure in all circumstances.

The swimwear trend for men

Not only the ladies, but also the gentlemen want to look their best on the beach or at the swimming pool at the holiday resort. For men, ethnic jungle colors and prints are completely in fashion. Camouflage colors such as beige and green do well on the beach. The same also applies to typical tropical colors. If you like to stand out a bit, choose bright blue, yellow, green or red. That can be plain, but of course also a cool print in various striking colors. If you want it a little less intense, choose sporty boxer shorts in basic colors.

Protest collection 2023 for men
Protest collection 2023 for men

A comeback for the swimwear classics

Do you still have swimming trunks in the closet in the colors white, blue or red? And not only plain, but also with stripes or an asymmetrical print? Then you’re good. Because the classics are making a comeback this year. This does not only apply to men’s swimming trunks, but also to bathing suits and bikinis for women. You certainly won’t look out of place if you walk the beach this summer in a bikini that you bought years ago and that has been a bit forgotten in your wardrobe all this time. But whatever you wear at the pool or on the beach this year: the most important thing is and remains that you feel comfortable in it.

Protest men's swimming trunks.  Season 2023 ©
Protest brand swim shorts for men (Collection 2023)

Most frequently asked questions regarding swimwear

What size swimsuit should I choose?
To choose the right size swimsuit, you should measure your own measurements and compare them with the size chart of the brand you want to buy. The challenge is especially when you wear many different brands of swimwear.

What types of swimsuits are available?
There are several types of swimwear available, including swim trunks, bathing suits, bikinis, tankinis, and rash guards. Each type is suitable for different activities and body types.

Can I get a discount at Protest webshop?
Of course. We can offer you a 10% discount with the code lovestohave10. Valid until the end of summer 2023.

How can I best care for my swimsuit?
To properly care for your swimsuit, rinse with cold water after each use, hand wash in mild detergent and air dry. Avoid drying your swimsuit in direct sunlight.

Can I wash swimwear in the washing machine?
Some swimsuits can be machine washed, but it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. In general, it is better to wash swimwear by hand to extend its life.

What materials are used to make swimsuits?
Swimwear can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon, polyester, spandex, and polyamide. These materials are designed to withstand chlorine and salt water and to remain comfortable and flexible while swimming.

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