The non-floating weekly horoscope from May 22 to May 28, 2023

This is your weekly agenda that you really want to keep up with in addition to your Google Calendar. No floaty, predictive weekly horoscope, but updates from the cosmos that you don’t want to miss. Track the energies that come your way to make sure you don’t get too crazy surprises. And those energies, we can read them from the planets.

At least, that’s what BEDROCK’s astrologer Moon Nomad does.

Weekly horoscope from May 22 to May 28

Monday May 22

Moon still in Cancer

A new week is waiting for us and we start the week with a good dose of lunar energy that we are going to feel. The moon still resides in the water element Cancer, a zodiac sign that gives her extra strength and space to feel, with the result that our emotions on earth will also become more powerful. Thanks to the Moon in Cancer, we become more aware of the feelings that are going on in us, so that we will act more accordingly and express them. A time when we learn that bottling up emotions does more harm than good and that it is just so important to be able to express ourselves to others. In addition to being an emotional placement, the moon in Cancer also ensures that we have a stronger need for connection with others, which will certainly make us seek out that company.

Wednesday, May 24

Moon to Leo

The quiet time with the moon in Cancer is shaken up as the moon moves into fiery Leo today and stays there for several days. The moon in Leo, in contrast to the moon in Cancer, makes us less emotional and withdrawn, but more outgoing. We place the emotions we experience more towards the back, leaving more room to feel, experience and do. So a time when you will look for more distraction or will be the distraction for others because the Leo also makes us a lot more social. We also have a greater need to be seen, making this a good time to show your good side. In addition, dare to give more compliments to the people around you, that is certainly appreciated during the moon in Leo.

Friday May 26

Moon to Virgo

If you still have a lot of tasks in your head, this will be the weekend that you can get a lot done. The moon resides in Virgo this weekend, an earthy and down-to-earth zodiac sign that helps us put our affairs in order. A big handbrake that is applied in our daily lives, so that we can expect a reality check to see if everything is still going according to plan. So it is time to adjust course if you have lost yourself in the hustle and bustle along the way or are still well behind in matters that you would like to have completed. Virgo ensures that you are less likely to be distracted and have less need for the company of others, so you can get quite a lot done this weekend if you put your shoulders to it.

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The non-floating weekly horoscope from May 22 to May 28, 2023

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