The income and assets of John de Bever

The former futsal player and singer John de Bever has his sheep on dry land. As a beloved folk singer, the Dutchman does not have to keep an eye on the little ones and things are going so well that the sympathetic 57-year-old indicates that he no longer has any idea what is on his bill.

John de Bever: ‘Best futsal player in the world’

John de Bever was born on April 7, 1965 in Berlicum. In 1979, when he was only 14 years old, de Bever was discovered as a singer by Pierre Kartner during a performance of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches, while in the same year he was voted the ‘Best futsal player in the world’. A man of many talents, shall we say.

The number If I get married later, which Kartner wrote for him, reached the tip parade in March 1980. After making three more singles and an LP, De Bever paused his singing career to focus on futsal.

However, De Bever picked up the microphone again in 2006, after which he scored 32 Single Top-100 hits. The best man has also participated in various TV programs, such as Voetbal Inside from 2013 and Expeditie Robinson in 2021. In 2009 he married his then manager Kees Stevens.

“People should know that Kees made me great”

The former professional footballer has therefore had a great career and continues unabated. Although perseverance is undoubtedly involved, John de Bever indicates that many of his successes have come about thanks to his partner Kees. “People should know that Kees has made me great. In the beginning of my career I did well, but I never had a dime in my pocket,” he once told Privé. “Financially I made a mess of it. Until Kees became my manager 16 years ago and, not much later, my partner. Suddenly everything started to run better.”

Gage by John de Bever

John de Bever can be booked for singing performances. He indicates that he wants to keep the amount low, so that everyone could book him if they want. “Not only a pub owner should be able to book me, but also someone who wants to throw a nice party at home,” he says. However, his prices for a performance of 30 minutes already start at € 3,950.

We also know that he does about four performances in one night, which brings him around € 15,800. It is not clear what the Beaver’s exact net worth is, but it will not be a modest amount given his income. As can be seen in the reality program ‘De Bevers’, Bever lives a carefree life with his partner and he can certainly enjoy his trips to Spain without having to cut corners.

Other successful folk singers

John de Bever is one of the various folk singers in the Netherlands who have done well. For example, we have already talked about the well-known Frans Bauer, we have discussed what it costs to have Wolter Kroes perform and the booking prices of Django Wagner have also passed the revenu.

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