‘The first years are so important!’

Integral Child and Expertise Center De Waterlelie is located in the middle of Leidschendam-Noord. This child center houses a primary school, toddler care, out-of-school care and day care.

Growing up healthy

Catalijne has been working at the nursery for a long time and with great pleasure. ‘My work here gives me real satisfaction. I love working with the children, with their care, but also with their development. Every day they learn something new, and that is very nice to see! A child’s first years are so important; we are very aware of that. Together with the parents, we bear the responsibility for the healthy growth of the children entrusted to us.’

Baby group

The baby group is an oasis of peace. The decor is tailored to the needs of the little ones, with calm tones, soft music and material that stimulates the imagination of the young child. Around the age of 2, the children from the baby group move on to the vertical group or the toddler group.
Pedagogical professional Agnes: ‘Babies feel at ease in the baby group. Parents leave their little one with us with peace of mind. They know that at the end of the day they will take home a satisfied child.’

A healthy, hot lunch

Her colleague Monique: ‘Around noon, the children eat a hot vegetable lunch at the nursery. This healthy, fiber-rich lunch ensures that the children feel satisfied. It tastes good to them, because all the plates are empty.’

Structure gives a safe feeling

Where there is time in the morning for (outdoor) play, singing or a creative activity, after lunch it is time for the youngest to get some sleep. Read aloud to older children.
‘Structure in the day gives the children a safe feeling’, says Catalijne. ‘All groups work with the development-oriented Pyramid programme. We pay attention to language development, shapes and colors, and work with daily rhythm cards. This includes activities that the children recognize. That gives hold. We use the program from the baby group, so the children are familiar with it.’

3+ activities

The afternoon activities at the day care center range from crafts to going outside or getting started in the arcade. Saskia likes to play games with the children, dance with balloons or do some more cognitive work. She does special 3+ activities with the toddlers. ‘These are activities that children from the age of 3 are ready for and with which they are prepared for group 1 of primary education. This gives them a good basis.’


Would you like to take a look at this location? Please contact customer [email protected] or 070-3175959 and make an appointment for a tour. You are very welcome!

Own signature

The daycare, like the other forms of childcare within IKEC De Waterlelie, falls under Vlietkinderen social childcare, but has its own signature. The nursery has its own entrance, is small-scale and intimate and is located outside the hustle and bustle of the rest of the building. There is a baby group (0-2 years), a toddler group (2-4 years) and a vertical group (0-4 years).
The baby group still has room!

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