The fast Italian cuisine: “Big Mamma in 30 minutes”

With Italian food you make (almost) everyone happy. And because you don’t have the time every day to conjure up an extensive three-course menu on the table, there is now the solution. The Big Mamma team has released a new book: Big Mamma in 30 minutes, with which you can prepare a delicious Italian meal super fast. And we get to share some recipes!

Big Mama in 30 minutes

“Oh! Are they really coming in half an hour? What the hell am I supposed to cook for them? And… will you keep that tonight?” Do these words sound familiar to you? Good news, because then Big Mamma’s latest book, Big Mama in 30 minutes, really something for you. Big Mamma came up with the book earlier Italian recipes, packed with 480 classic dishes. But because classic Italian sometimes takes just a little bit of time – and it is sometimes lacking – they now come up with a book of real Italian food that you can put on the table in no time.

Big Mama in 30 minutes

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Big Mama in 30 minutes

Kitchen secrets, basic products and kitchen tools

The book is divided into the classic Italian courses: aperitif (at the drink), antipasti (the name says it all), prime (pasta, risotto and gnocchi), seconds (meat, fish and vegetarian), contorni (side dishes), pizza (focaccia and pizza) and of course dolci (desserts). In addition, it contains great tips for hotspots in Italy, handy kitchen hacks and secrets from the chef to save time (such as preparation, lid on the pan during cooking, cutting vegetables with a manoline). Important basic products and kitchen tools that you really need are also highlighted. So that dinner can no longer fail.

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Recipes from Big Mamma in 30 minutes

Have you become curious? Below you will find three of our favorite recipes from the book. And yes, just looking at the photos makes our mouth water spontaneously..

Leek grigliati

By blazing leeks you get a nice roasted taste and it becomes buttery soft inside. Top it off with creamy stracciatella and crunchy hazelnuts.

> to the recipe: leek grigliati

Leek grigliati

Bruschetta vitello tonnato

Vitello tonnato should not be missing from your dinner as a truly classic Italian starter. Serve it on toasted bread and you have the perfect one aperitif.

> to the recipe: bruschetta vitello tonnato

Bruschetta vitello tonnato

Mozzarella frit

Soft melting mozzarella in a crispy crust. That’s all we need to say. Serve these mozzarella balls on a plate in the middle of the table with a bowl of basil pesto.

> to the recipe: mozzarella fritte

Mozzarella frit

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