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Are you one of the 46% of Dutch people who listen to podcasts? On June 5, will release a new podcast about tech, with even more women at the table than ever. To bridge the time until then, we have listed (other) fun, interesting and good tech podcasts. Whether you’re a TechGirl curious about the latest gadgets, interested in following tech news, or just want to be inspired by stories from women in tech, in this blog post we share the top five tech podcasts ( in random order).

The BroadExperience

The Broad Experience was made between March 2012 and January 2023, during which time over 200 episodes have come online. The podcast focuses on issues faced by women in the workplace. Things that happen to us or that we worry about, but don’t always talk about. Think about themes such as race and class, balancing children and a career, and what it’s like to be a woman in certain workplaces. The Broad Experience is one of the first podcast by women and specifically aimed at women. In 2014, The Guardian chose this podcast as one of its ’10 best lesser-known podcasts’.

The woman with a thousand faces

This podcast is currently running, with a new episode twice a week. The ending hasn’t “broadcast” yet, but I myself can’t wait to find out how the story unfolds. In this podcast, to the book The Man with a Thousand Faces to promote, a young female hacker goes in search of disappeared journalist Tim Smeets de Ruyter. You get an insight into how hackers work, but even more exciting is the story that the hacker discovers…


This podcast shares stories and interviews from people about their careers in coding and is aimed at beginners (even after 23 seasons). The creators want to provide support and a community to people who are new to the world of coding. It is an inspiring and informative podcast that is also fun for average coders.

Bloomberg Technology

Are you interested in how technology shapes companies and how companies shape technology? Bloomberg is a financial news source and looks at technology from the business side. With a podcast coming out every day (who can keep up?!) you have a large archive of fun podcast episodes to learn more about innovation, technology, politics and business.

Women In Tech

This podcast does not get the award for most striking, creative title, but it is clear what it is about. The Women in Tech Podcast features inspiring women in technology, including programmers, female founders, investors, UX and UI designers, and journalists, all sharing their stories of how they got where they are today. The aim of the show is to make every listener feel ‘If she can do it, so can I’ – and with the inspiration and empowerment it’s definitely good in this podcast.

All these podcasts can be listened to via the usual channels such as Spotify or Google podcasts.

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