“That sentence made Genee furious, afterwards he yelled at me”

The question is whether we will see Marcel van Roosmalen again soon Inside today. There was a tense atmosphere in Friday’s broadcast, when René van der Gijp entered into a discussion with the writer. On Monday, Van Roosmalen and Gijs Groenteman will look back on that broadcast in their joint podcast Weer een dag.

Next summer, Van Roosmalen and Groenteman will create a talk show on the time slot of Today Inside. Recently Groenteman was jokingly referred to as ‘Vegetable farmer’ by Dag Inside table guest Özcan Akyol and Van Roosmalen then privately informed presenter Wilfred Genee that he did not really appreciate that joke. Van der Gijp responded to that on Friday, by stating that Van Roosmalen and Groenteman should not complain; after all, they regularly poke fun at others as well.

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“I had to dig into my memory. When the hell did I say that? At least not that day,” says Van Roosmalen, who denies that he asked the table guests to call Groenteman by his name from now on. “As if I take Wilfred Genee, a man with whom I barely speak, aside to say: ‘Would you please stop calling Gijs Groenteman Gijs Groenteboer, we can’t handle that very well.”

“The last time I was there, I was in the broadcast with Sander Schimmelpenninck. They completely absorbed Sander. Afterwards, Wilfred was furious with everything and everyone, specifically with me. Ever since I was a columnist in De Oranjezomer, and devoted a few sentences to them, while he was under private and business fire, I said from a bungalow house, which had to be advertised: this is the house of the Genee family.”

“That sentence provoked a wrath of anger in him, that column was removed from the broadcast and never aired. Since then, we have had a kind of hate relationship. Every time he sees me, it triggers something in him. After that broadcast, he stood also shouting at me that I shouldn’t pretend that my children are being threatened. “You don’t take other people’s children into account at all!”, that’s how it went. the production said: ‘Otherwise, go and stand between the set pieces, because it will be so embarrassing’.”

In that exchange, Genee is said to have said that the gentlemen at the table ‘have a sense of humour’. “And I really like, for example, that Eus (Özcan Akyol, ed.) Calls Gijs Groenteman Gijs Groenteboer”, Van Roosmalen quotes Genee. “Then I said, I imagine you like a name joke, but to repeat it twenty times doesn’t really strike me as the height of humor. That’s what happened. We’re talking about a few months ago. Apparently Van der Gijp heard that I didn’t like it that you are called Gijs Groenteboer.”

“So that was made very clear to me there at the table, while I didn’t even know what it was about. That is so strange. When you are attacked a, with a lie, and b, that you think: what is this about? Then it’s the commercial break and a Talpa director comes up to you and says in your ear: that book of yours is going to be a bestseller. I thought: what kind of world is this I’ve ended up in? At the second commercial break he said: look back, this is going to be your studio. I thought: what kind of idiot is this?”

After Friday’s broadcast, Van Roosmalen talked to Van der Gijp. “I walk into that dressing room. He says: nice broadcast, isn’t it? Nice, isn’t it, Boekie? I say: I think it’s really ridiculous how you acted. He can’t handle that at all. Then you see those eyes turn away and then he says: he’s not good, he’s not good!'” He also found Genee behind the scenes. “Wilfred puts his hands in the air like: did I do it again?”

“Well, aren’t you the leader of this talk show?” Van Roosmalen replied. He calls Genee an “idiot of a game master” and “the biggest idiot of the three.” “It’s such a strange thing when you experience that. You just feel assaulted on that stool. There’s nowhere to go.” Van Roosmalen was allowed to read two reports from his book during the broadcast Total. “I should have thrown that book at them. I was done with it.”

Incidentally, Groenteman makes it clear that he has no problem with the nickname Groenteboer. “I just want to make an official statement that I don’t find it funny, but I don’t mind if people call me Greengrocer. People can call me Gray Greengrocer all they want. I don’t think it’s funny.”

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