Temptations Marisol tells details about ‘spicy conversation’ with Joël for the first time

Despite the fact that there hasn’t been much sensation in Temptation Island: Love or Leave yet, Marisol managed to shake things up with a spicy revelation about Joel. According to Marisol, he had said some spicy things to her in the van, but we didn’t get to hear many details. Now Marisol tells more about this conversation for the first time.

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Spicy conversation

In the last episode of Temptation Island it was for the ladies time for a campfire. The women were again shown images of their husbands, what in the end all seemed to go well. Yet there was a special image about Joël to see. In a short video we saw that Marisol told a strange story. According to her, Joël had asked in the van, without cameras, if she would like to sleep with him.

Shanta’s reaction was quite surprised. “I don’t think he would say that, but if he does, then it’s ready for me,” she said. “It’s really low of him if he would ask that, it’s a bit nasty.”

More detail

The clip in which Marisol told this story was pretty short, so in the latest episode of Temptation Islands Beach Bar, Fawry asks Marisol how things are going. “Well Marisol, what exactly is this about?” he says in the episode.

Marisol then starts laughing and explains more about the situation off cam happened. “We were playing games in the van, asking questions and craziness,” she begins her story. “Then Joël said to me: Marisol, you are such a party animal. If someone opens up, you would dive right in between the sheets.” However, Marisol did not understand what he meant and asked for clarification. “Then he said: ‘Imagine if I were to open up to you, wouldn’t you dive in between the sheets with me?’”

Marisol says she answered with a resounding ‘no’, but this story has caused quite a stir. We are curious if this will get a tail…

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