Sven Kums laughs his teeth: “To train as little as possible” – Football news

KAA Gent wants to secure European football as soon as possible. Sven Kums still doesn’t count himself rich with the match against KV Oostende in mind.

KAA Gent has built up a nice lead in the Europe Play-Offs. Gift Orban’s goals, three at Club Brugge, have come very well to the Buffalos.

“We have two strikers who score easily. We missed that in the first half of the season. Then only Hugo Cuypers scored. Now we have two. I think it’s a pity for Tarik that he doesn’t score,” says Sven Kums to Het Laatste Nieuws.

However, everyone had given him a hard time. It is now looking forward to that one victory to secure European football. “As long as it is not certain, it is not done. We also gave it away against Ostend”, he adds.

Winning play-off 2 entitles you to European football, but then you have to play very early. “We have often experienced that we have to start early and then participate in the competition for a long time. That’s why you do it, to play a lot of matches and train as little as possible,” laughs Kums.

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