Sustainable living with a modern heat pump

Buying heat pumps online has become increasingly popular among Dutch households in recent years. A heat pump offers households several advantages over the classic central heating boiler. Consider, for example, the limited CO2emissions from these devices, the fact that no chimney is needed, the lower maintenance costs of the heat pump and the greater living comfort due to the combination with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating will never let you get up with cold feet in autumn and winter. More importantly, the underfloor heating ensures a very efficient way of heating rooms in the house. A very sustainable choice! In addition, with the combination of a heat pump and underfloor heating you immediately get rid of those ugly radiators in your interior. The only drawback: the floor will have to be opened for the installation of the underfloor heating.

With a heat pump you can heat and cool rooms in your home

Even if you are considering ordering air conditioning online, it pays to take a look at a heat pump. A heat pump not only serves as a replacement for the classic gas boiler for heating rooms; you can also cool rooms with the heat pump. The heat pump cools a room by letting cooled water flow through the pipes of the underfloor heating. In this way, the floor slowly cools down and the temperature in your rooms drops.

Keep in mind that choosing a heat pump to cool your home is indeed a very sustainable one; yet its effect will not come close to that of a full-fledged air conditioning in the home.

Different types of air conditioners for homes
This air conditioning comes in different forms. Popular and well-known is the mobile air conditioner, which you can purchase for a few hundred euros. An alternative is a split air conditioner and, for example, a monoblock. The monoblock is a separate indoor unit that extracts the warm air and discharges it outside. A split air conditioner consists of both an indoor and an outdoor unit. These devices work with coolant to suck the hot air out of the room, cool this air and then dissipate the heat outside.

Combine heat pump with solar panels

The most economical and sustainable option for heating your home is the combination of an electric heat pump with solar panels on the roof. The combination of solar panels with a split or mobile air conditioner is also interesting. It helps you cool the home in a cheap and environmentally friendly way.

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