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Sustainability is a trend that is becoming increasingly important and indispensable in our society. More and more attention is being paid to sustainability and this is reflected in sustainable living. During the renovation of a house, sustainable choices are already made to be concerned with the environment and that often gives us a good feeling. This is how you are working to ensure a greener future. In this blog you can read how you can live sustainably for a greener future.

Start saving energy in your home

To live sustainably, it is important to save energy in your home. You can do this by choosing energy-efficient appliances. Do you have old appliances such as a refrigerator or freezer and do they still work well? Then we recommend that you buy newer models. New appliances are often more energy efficient than old appliances. You can also invest in LED lighting instead of incandescent bulbs or ensure good insulation. This way you need to use less energy to heat or cool your home.

Use green energy sources

Green energy sources should not be missing in a sustainable home. From green energy sources you get green electricity that is generated from sustainable energy sources such as wind, water and sun. For example, you can choose to install solar panels from Sunet Solarpad on the roofs to provide solar energy. There are also possibilities to place wind turbines on the roofs. These green energy sources make us less dependent on fossil fuels and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Choose sustainable building materials

If there is an option to opt for other building materials now, we advise you to opt for sustainable materials. This ensures that your home is also built with sustainability in mind. Nowadays there are many more building materials that are sustainable, such as recycled wood, bamboo and recycled metals. By choosing these materials you reduce the impact on the environment. Are you building a house? Then you can also take energy-efficient designs into account, such as looking at natural ventilation in advance.

sustainable living and living with local food

Live sustainably and consciously

Sustainable living is a broad concept, which is not just about a house alone. It is also about sustainable living in your home and beyond. You can make sustainable choices in the supermarket by choosing products that have a sustainability label or opt for local products. With meat you can pay attention by choosing organic meat. If you go shopping for clothes, you can opt for second-hand clothing, also known as vintage clothing. This also applies to furniture, because nowadays you have very nice shops for vintage stuff! Make your home sustainable, but also choose to live sustainably and consciously yourself. This way you ensure a better environment.

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