Sustainable leasing? Choose an electric car

lease an electric car

We see more and more that companies, but also private individuals, opt to lease a car. Not only does this have tax advantages, but it also ensures that by choosing an electric car you can contribute to a better and cleaner environment. Yet we see that even today there are still a lot of people who opt for a car that runs on fossil fuels, because they are under the impression that an electric car is not practical in terms of range, but then it is of course no longer the case. case.

For example, there are indeed cars with a range of 100 to 200 kilometers, but there are also cars of more than 500 kilometers. In short, reason enough to seriously consider switching. In this article we will therefore discuss a number of reasons with you to realize this.

Greener future with business or private lease

It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur or want to lease a car privately. In both cases, it contributes to a greener future. Especially if you already own solar panels, an electric car is a good addition. This way you can charge on your own power grid, so that it is largely generated by yourself, which means that the costs are even lower. This does not only apply to business lease, but also if you opt for a private lease car as a private individual. If we opt for electric driving together, we will take a huge step towards a greener future.

Corporate social responsibility with business leasing

Climate and sustainability are high on the agenda not only for many private individuals, but also for companies. To ensure that you do your part in the context of corporate social responsibility, the business leasing of electric cars is of course an absolute must. Of course you cannot come up with a diesel, while your company stands for sustainability and does everything it can to, for example, carry out production as energy-efficiently as possible. Not only for yourself, but also for the image of the company, it is advisable to drive electrically. Do you find the step from fuel to electric suddenly too big? Then you can also opt for a hybrid as an interim solution.


Save on costs

Transportation and transportation is a significant cost item for most companies. How nice is it that you can save on this. The moment you choose to lease electric vehicles, the road tax will in any case already expire. In addition, it also ensures many times lower costs for charging as opposed to refueling the car. Especially at large companies, which often have a special rate for electricity, among other things, it is therefore extra attractive to charge the car at the company. It is also good to think about solar panels, if you do not have them yet. This way you not only ensure that you generate power to facilitate the business premises or office, but you can also charge the cars, which ensures that the circle is ‘complete’.

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