Street Fighter 6 Beta Bash Final Bout Live Streaming with Punk, NuckleDu, SonicFox, Nephew, Caba, ChrisT, Alex Myers, Brian_F, PerfectLegend and more

With the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta kicking off this weekend, LI Joe has taken it upon himself to host a 256-player class for players interested in a pre-release tournament.

Notable names taking part include Punk, NuckleDu, SonicFox, Nephew and Bandits | Caba, ChrisT, Alex Myers, Brian_F, PerfectLegend, KizzieKay, Diaphone, PAR | FlashMetroid, LuiMan20, Joe Umerogan, Zaferino and 4TW| Space Boy and much more.

The number of players is 256 and it was packed with players from the various fighting game communities who came together to play the Street Fighter 6 beta a few weeks before the official release.

This is the same beta as the previous closed beta, meaning the playable selection is limited to Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Juri, Ken, Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly.

It is a one-day event, so once the event starts, it will continue until a winner is crowned. With this as a great opportunity to get

airs in This is LI Joe.

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