SPORT contradicts Mundo Deportivo: FC Barcelona is letting go of interest in Simons

Xavi Simons is now not only coloring the front pages of the newspapers in the Netherlands, but also abroad.

The technician has been wearing PSV for weeks and finds the openings that lead to goals. PSV can hardly do without Xavi Simons and that can safely be called a painful conclusion. In France and Spain it is about returning to Paris Saint-Germain, but last week there was also talk of a return to FC Barcelona.

Nevertheless, according to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, FC Barcelona is doing everything it can to entice Simons to return. The newspaper reports that board member Jordi Cruijff is being used to convince Simons to choose FC Barcelona again.

Another Spanish newspaper, SPORT, has a different version when it comes to interest in Xavi Simons. According to SPORT, PSV does not have to fear a departure from Simons to Barcelona. Simons would not completely fit into head coach Xavi’s plans and FC Barcelona also does not want to participate in the construction of PSG. Moreover, the poor club from Catalonia has nothing to spend.

Xavi Simons signed a contract with PSV last summer until mid-2027. The well-known clause has been included in that contract, whereby he could be transferred again by Paris Saint-Germain for a relatively small amount of 12 million euros. However, Simons himself has the last word in a possible return to the French capital. Meanwhile, English media report that Simons would also be in the interest of three Premier League clubs, namely Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

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